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  1. Thank you both for your replies. Kathy in Richmond I admire your sleuthing skills! That small but succinct review was exactly what I was looking for, thank you. Cheers
  2. Good Afternoon Often toted as the “1960’s” natural extension to the Dolciani series is Limits; a transition to calculus (1966) by O. Lexton Buchanan May I ask if anyone who has experience using this text could recount there experiences. I am able to find true text still available but I have been unsuccessful in finding a description or a even a Table of contents. It’s the “transition to calculus” that gives me pause and questions. Is this best classified as a “preCalculus text”? Or given the era it was published in might it be better classified as introductory calculus?
  3. You are wise to consult a professional if your symptoms are worsening. There are a few professions which can help asses the severity of your situation and the need for more aggressive treatment. A Podiatrist (specialized in the whole foot), a Chiropodist (specialized in the care of nails), however, a good General Practitioner should also be able to help especially your own doctor as they will have had the benefit of seeing your toe before and can judge how/if the condition has progressed to the point of needing further intervention.
  4. Quite right pain Can be a symptom of CT however it is not Usually a symptom. Please do not misunderstand I was not implying pain cannot be a symptom however in is not the usual. Of the thousands off patients I have treated for CT I would say pain occurs in far less than 1%. Pain is always difficult to quantitate as it means different things to different people. Sometimes the extreme numbness CT can cause is perceived as pain when the blood supply to the median nerve is established upon waking and the numbness transitions to feeling again. The presence of Pain should make any responsible
  5. Hello Just a couple of things to consider. Pain is not usually a part of the symptoms of CT. I hope the pain you experience when waking has only started since you started wearing the brace(S). If pain predates the Brace(S) I would question the completeness of the diagnosis. As a rule numbness/Tingling and weakness are the cardinal symptoms. If there is any doubt make sure a nerve conduction study was part of your diagnosis work up. If the pain has only occurred since the bracing then the braces need to be reworked as they are causing a nerve impingement most likely in the recurrent radial
  6. Hi Bill Sounds from your description of where and the treatment the worst case scenario is it is what we call in the business a “green stick” fracture provided he is a young enough age (hopefully the doc has not mistaken the artery tract in the bone for a fracture, I used to get a lot of those referrals :)). So the name of the game is not turning a green stick into a regular fracture. If the “break is in the “middle bone, or the bone closest to the palm, of the ring finger then you ca cross buddy tape to both the middle and little finger. If the break is in the distal bone (with the nail)
  7. Hello From your description it sounds like the diagnosis of a Paronychia. You can use good old Dr. Google for that one to check out a description. In my experience the vast majority of these stem from cutting the nail too short. This combined with repetitive trauma (like playing) causes trauma to the intersection of the nail and the cuticle. This repetitive trauma Leeds to a small abscess which causes the pain and swelling. The treatments include 1) prevention - do not cut the toenails too short 2) Try to get the abscess to “point” here is where Gardenmom5’s advice is spo
  8. Hello Happy to answer your question - except - not all fractures are created nor treated equally 🙂 May I ask what is the type of fracture he sustained? Location : Distal, middle or proximal Phalanx Type. Spiral, transverse, avulsion The terms don’t really matter but a description of what you saw on the X-ray or what the MD told you would be most helpful. Cheers
  9. Great Point Arctic Bunny Removal of the overhead line would be relevant if they were the providers of that line. If the overhead line was from another supplier then it would be up to the owner or the previous supply company to remove the existing line. Unless of course you negotiated the removal of the exisyting line in your new cable contract. Cheers Craig
  10. Dear cable Company name here On “date” we commissioned our overhead internet service cable to be buried. This work was completed on “date”. Regrettably our internet drop cable still remains connected to the overhead line. Our new underground internet service cable has not yet been commissioned. Respectfully I ask the new buried line be commissioned at this time by complete into the following tasks; 1) Connect the underground service cable to the service providers PED at “location of the power pole here” 2) Connect the underground service cable to the internet drop of
  11. Time Left: 13 days and 9 hours

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    Hello I am looking for; Dolciani Modern Algebra Structure and Method Book one (Student edition/ Solution key and Teachers edition) 1965 - mid 1970 editions preferred. Dolciani Modern Algebra and Trigonometry Structure and Method Book Two (Student edition/ Solution key and Teachers edition) 1965 - mid 1970 editions preferred Obtained Thank you Sproutmama! Thank you for considering my request. Kindest regards Craig Barton Reading - photos.docx


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