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  1. And, in my current state I read it as:


    "Do some meth".











    I think I've stopped choking on my late-night snack now.


    I'm thinking meth would definitely get rid of earworms (if there is such a thing, ear mites?) but is it really worth it?:lol:

  2. Well thanks for all the nice posts.


    So... I'm upstairs giving the kids a bath... and my wife comes in. "There's a thread with FOUR pages of posts about you..." Ummm... It's not like I instigated it or anything.


    Anyway. You have to lovephred. We ordered a case of this and gave out bottles at Christmas. (Yes... an atheist Christmas. Get your yuks in now before they're sold out!)


    So between the bath and the bottled water what are you saying, "you're all wet" or "all washed up?":lol::lol:?


    Anyway... I've added an avatar I think should sum me up pretty well.


    I knew it! I knew you were a clown!!:lol:


    Since we're talking about you;), when you first started posting and you and I got into one of our debates, I started having nightmares about Doonesbury:eek:! And to top it off, not long after that, someone brought in a dog to see me with the name....PHRED! I took it as a sign from "you don't know who" to pray for you instead of fight with you. Thought you'd like that one. So as much as I know you won't care at all;)...I'm praying for you, Phred. And I really do enjoy the bantering, keep the interesting threads coming!

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