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  1. My 7th grader is using Holt Physical Science and outlining the SWB way. It is going well. Next year she will do Holt Earth Science. The reading level is perfect for middle school and the photos, diagrams and conversational tone add a lot. We supplement with you tube on each topic. There are a lot of experiment videos that are well done.
  2. Wow. i'm so surprised at the stocks in other American stores! I'm in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. In Walmart, in addition to no tp , there is no flour, yeast, sandwich bread... basic things. So many things are out throughout the store. Forget ANY spray cleaner or bleach (for laundry) I can't even get Chlorox II. We are wiping our counter down with water and dishwashing soap. That is limited in the store. Canned fruit is limited. Meat is almost always out except for a few weird things- it depends when you arrive. Almost everything we buy on a normal basis is out, I can't even list it all. We have to wait in a long line outside to get in the store because there are limited people inside. Wearing a mask in a retail store is a state mandate. Stores have one way aisles. Check out is a nightmare because everything needs to be wiped down between check out and they are spacing cashiers. The line for check out looks like Black Friday. (Our county is one of the hardest hit in Pennsylvania and we are still having a lot of daily death from community spread. We haven't peaked.)
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