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  1. I've been homeschooling many years and haven't had this problem before. I have an 8yo that has no friends. She has older siblings, and they have friends, and she's tagged along with the older siblings, or been okay being alone. But lately she's been crying because she has no friends and I am failing at finding her anyone to play with.

    My other children are college grads, or in middle school so they can deal with friendships on their own. Elementary homeschoolers are hard since we have to facilitate their relationships.

    The biggest issue is that I am old, I had her when I was 43. It seems all the moms that have children her age are young moms, closer in age to my college grads.

    I have tried to reach out, planning play dates, however then I can't go through with it because I have anxiety attacks when it comes to actually having to meet these young moms. They're an entirely different generation, I can't connect, I can't relate to them, and I honestly just don't want to spend time around young parents. I guess not only am I old, I'm old and grumpy.

    I don't know, I don't know what kind of advice I'm asking for, I just need to vent or hear that I'm not alone in dealing with this. I'm sad for my lonely child and I'm filled with dread whenever I think of trying to meet new people.

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  2. I'm interested in enrolling my children in Artios Academy at the elementary level because I liked the concept presented on their website, however I have no experience with the program and can't seem to find any reviews either even though they told me that they've been around for 20+ years.

    Has anyone used Artios Academy or know of anyone that enrolled? Or have any information about it at all? :-)


  3. Right now our lives are very complicated and I'm looking for a simple science for grades 2-6.

    I would prefer something the way I'm using the SOTW - I read a chapter while they color a sheet from the Activity Guide, we do map work, look at the encyclopedia, chat for a minute, and then we're done. The next day we read the next chapter.

    Ideally I would like to open it up, read a short chapter or lesson, do a notebook page, have an occasional experiment, and done. It can be different levels for elementary and middle school; I just want something simple and easy to implement.

    Anything like that out there?

  4. My family and I want to live near NE Philadelphia for a month or two. I'd love some suggestions on how to go about doing this because our budget is very tight. We'd be driving there from the midwest.


    Hotels are too expensive, so thinking subleasing, but haven't done that before. Or open to hear other ideas for housing, where to stay. Ideally I'd like to stay in one place for the entire visit.


    Also, what's the cost of living, plus we'd be looking for child-friendly, educational things to see and do. We're nature, history, and art lovers. I think we'd make a few day trips to NY too.

  5. ETA:  The information was too self-identifying, so I've removed the original message to prevent any further misunderstanding or harm.

  6. I've not done this before. I'd like to have some flowers delivered to some one that lives in a different state and they don't get home until 6 or 7 in the evening.

    What should I do? Order them online and let the delivery person take care of getting it to them? It's too cold to leave them outside.



  7. For those that have used Sonlight, are topics and books fairly appropriate to the grade level?

    I'm looking at different Science and Cores and noticed that some of the books used are either above or below grade level recommended in other programs.


    Specifically, Science D says it's 3rd grade, but it requires Real Science-4-Kids Biology which the publisher recommends for 4th-6th, I'm wondering if my 4th grader would be okay using the rest of Sonlight Science D even though Sonlight calls it 3rd.


    Also, Core A Kindergarten has some intense topic books. Is this what a typical Kindergartener should cover or would it be okay to use it for later, say 2nd?



  8. ETA: Received from getresponse.com


    What are your thoughts? Is this legit, spam, or scam?


    "It's time we talk about your Amazon reviews


    I've read some of your reviews on Amazon and want to work with you.

    What are your thoughts on writing reviews on Amazon for products provided to you for free?

    I manage giveaways for some pretty exciting Amazon products, and would love the opportunity to work with you as a reviewer. These are some of the best selling and highest quality products on the marketplace.

    As a limited time promotion I can offer you a $5 bonus in addition to recieving the review item free (as always) for joining and reviewing your first item!
    Let me know if you're interested and I can send you information on how my review group works. Also if there are certain categories of products that you are most interested in reviewing I would love to hear that from you as well.

    Looking forward to your response!"
  9. I'm pretty sure it was recommended in one of the SOTW Activity Guides, but not sure which one.


    It's a Chinese story, about a male character that's paid to paint dragons for the some one (maybe a wealthy merchant?). When the artist delivers the paintings, the buyer is upset because the dragons aren't finished because they have no eyes. Some one adds eyes, the dragons wake up and wreck havoc, destroying the house and flying away.



  10. We were at 95% and really, it wasn't very impressive at all.


    Everything was normal, except for a cooler breeze and at maximum it seemed like a cloud was covering the sun even though there wasn't any. I don't think anyone would've even noticed if it it wasn't a known thing.


    We had our glasses and that was cool to see the "orange crescent moon" sun, but other than that, nothing very striking or exciting.

  11. I deleted mine about five years ago. Life was a little "silent" immediately afterward, but my close friends are still close, and people do still talk via emails. I use texting more now, though.


    Our social world is smaller, but the quality is higher.


    ETA Whenever I was on FB, I felt lonely. It was weird. I never felt that way IRL.



    Thank you for this.

  12. I figure you're old enough to know that you're never going to get this year back. Looking *back* at your journey thus far might be a better indicator on what experiences you want to savor this upcoming year.



    I saw you already posted you made the commitment, so that's good :)


  13. Good for you! I really need to spend less time on Facebook, but I don't want to delete my account because some of my IRL groups only communicate on Facebook. It really is a time suck and often makes me feel more depressed or annoyed than happy. 


    Yes! Sadly a few groups we were/are part of only communicate through Facebook. That was why it was so hard to delete. Ironically, the only reason I started a FB account was to find friends for my kiddos.

  14. Way to go! Thanks for the reminder...I've been wanting to delete mine. How did you do it?


    Facebook really buries the option. Try here


    Deactivate - you can come back and log in.

    Delete - everything is gone, but takes 2 weeks. If you log in within those 2 weeks, you're account is reactivated.

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  15. Please, pat me on the back.


    My children's social life will probably suffer. I fear missing out on homeschooling event invites and can't group chat with a playgroup. I'm sad those real-life relationships will be harder to maintain, but I'm glad I deleted my account, it had to be done for me and my family.


    So now I need affirmation. It's a good thing I did.  

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  16. Simply Charlotte Mason - if you're interesting in discussing implementing CM in the real world.


    My other "forums" are facebook groups, most geared toward homeschooling teens/high school or Charlotte Mason.  I think I'll be abandoning the CM fb groups soon, as they're mostly full of idealistic parents of 1st graders and I'm too old and cranky to be helpful.  Mostly I keep my mouth shut.


    :lol: Me too!

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