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  1. We have a tub with a shower and the shower part has not worked since we bought the house. Finally called a plumber to come fix it. He came out and cut a hole in the wall to access the pipes, took out the entire section, refitted everything and put in all new fixtures. Now the shower part works, however it is taking twice as long to fill the tub as it did before he did the work.


    Is this normal? Should I just be grateful the shower portion works now or is it okay to be upset that the tub is taking much longer to fill? My husband says the plumber did the job he was suppose to, even though he made the tub part worse and if we call him to fix the tub flow then he'd probably charge us again. :(



  2. I have no advice about when to start.  However, I would seriously consider which language to start by considering your resources.


    I had 4 years of Spanish and 2 years of French in high school, so Spanish is my stronger foreign language.  (I'm not fluent by any means, but will be easier for me to teach Spanish than it would for me to teach French.)


    Also, our church has a Spanish church services.  One of my friends is from South America and speaks Spanish as her native language (and she has offered to help me!)


    Additionally, Spanish is more commonly heard here than any other foreign language.


    At least two of my dc would rather learn French.  I put my foot down on this one for the above reasons.  I have no problem with them learning French, but I don't feel that I have the proper resources (including time!) to teach it to them.  


    Sorry to hijack, but did you have trouble learning both French & Spanish as 2nd languages? I've heard that companion languages (such as Spanish/French/Italian) are very difficult to master together than distinctly different ones. We're starting French, but I also want to have mine learn Spanish down the road.


  3. Bob Jones Kindergarten.

    The TM is all laid out and you just move from one lesson to the next, skipping whatever you don't want to do. It covers reading and integrates themes with minimal prepration for gathering materials. We added in a little Horizon for math, but I'm in the 'delaying math is better' camp.


    We tried MFW K, but even though it's suppose to be open-and-go, it seemed like I was never prepared with craft materials or the book basket.



  4. People who are passive aggressive are usually, but not always, desperately insecure. Sometimes they just have a personality disorder.


    Your kids are friends, or are at least friendly.  I wouldn't outright ruin that for them. 


    I'm thinking she at the very least admires and wants to be more like you, and possibly wants to be friends.  Even if she has no social skills and is obnoxious to be around. So if you can't change all the activities, you can try to change her by being the opposite of passive aggressive.  Create amazing boundaries.  Like, the next time she says something insulting, screw up your face and say something like:

    • "Ouch"
    • "That was harsh"
    • "That was rude"
    • "I'm sorry?" (Incredulous tone)
    • Repeat what she said with a WTF look and a questioning tone


    Basically, act as if you absolutely understood what she just said and you're not going to put up with it.  If she has no social skills and didn't mean to be a complete #itch, she'll apologize.  If she's a passive aggressive personality disorder nutcase, she won't be able to deal with being called on her crap and she'll start avoiding you.


    Oh goodness! You are amazing. I busted up laughing, Absolutely, yes, these are great ideas and good points. Thank you. I guess it's never too late to start asking for blunt clarification :)


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  5. I've been thinking a little more.


    If it was me, I would try to see this as my personal growth challenge for the summer.  Every day I would try and think of one nice thing to say to her.  I would try to think of one nice thing about her each day as well.  And I would try and remember that everyone we meet has personal struggles we would never know about.


    I know it is HARD.  I have people in my life I find challenging too but for various reasons we are thrown together frequently. (Same social circle.)  Sometimes it is more difficult than others but I try to conduct myself in a way I can be pround if someday I learn about their struggle.


    Yes, I've tried this. I've known her for awhile, we're friendly to each other. I just don't want to give more energy to some one that keeps sucking and sucking it and doesn't reciprocate. She's stepping into my social circle and using me as the person that invited her, but I didn't: "Tohru said ya'll are getting together for park day, I'm going to join the group and RSVP to all of them too."

  6. Please don't quote because I'll probably delete later, just in case she's here too.


    I've known this person for awhile, we aren't great friends, but know each other and are on friendly terms. Our children play together when they see each other.


    In the past, I tried to be friends with her, but I'm at a point that I don't want to invest more energy into the relationship because she's a bit superficial, sometimes she makes these cynical, passive-aggressive remarks to me, and her actions indicate she's only looking out for what can benefit her.


    Summer is upon us. I see her often already, but a few weeks ago she started asking me about the activities we're doing and as the gullible, friendly person I am, I thought it was out of interest or casual conversation. Well, she has now signed her child up for everything we're signed up for too.


    I am in tears, of frustration. It feels like she's stolen and taken over all my resources. I want my child (and myself) to have a social life that doesn't include her or her child, but now I get to see her several times a week for the entire summer. :( I feel intruded upon and there isn't anything I can do.


    How do you get away from some one like this? What would you do? Am I reacting incorrectly?



  7. Some one please tell me how this is possible so I can avoid it from happening again.


    I just got a new card in the mail 3 days ago and used it online at:

    Insect Lore

    Abe Books

    Kiwi Crate

    Green Kids Craft

    I paid Verizon through my phone.

    And I gave the card number over the phone to some one to pay for a local class.


    Well, today there is over $2,700 worth of unauthorized charges! I am shocked and not sure how this could happen. The card never left the house, and I only used it at those few places I've bought from before.


    I called the merchant of the unauthorized charges and thankfully they are cancelling the sales, however both the credit card company and the unauthorized merchant had a different address and phone number for me.


    Could this be a computer glitch at the card generation level or did some one hijack my card information? If so, how?

  8. For my eldest, I did history the way the original WTM suggested - not sure if it's changed in the updated edition.


    We used the Usborne History as a spine,

    Picked library books to go with time period in the the 2-page spread

    Added in projects (cooking, art, crafts, writing, whatever - we mixed it up quite a bit)


    For this year I'm actually using Winter Promise's Hideaway's in History (guide, journal, crafts, and hideouts, but not the history storybook.) Even though it says K-1, I'm finding it is fun and easy to implement for older ages too. I drag out each week and add in extra library books for the time period we're working on.



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  9. Thank you.

    It isn't actually Tuperware - I meant it was that kind of "party." It's 'Pampered Chef' and since I'd never heard of a 'Pampered Chef' party, I figured no one would know what I was talking about. It sounds like that it isn't unusual, but not too common either. Huh. I think I'm not going to order anything and will add to the wedding gift, if we are invited.


    Also, I didn't realize that there was such a thing as actual Tuperware parties. That's funny! However, so awful Butter, what a horrible thing :(

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  10. I am friends with the mother of a daughter that is getting married. I've never been to a bridal shower before so I am a bit confused about the custom.


    I recieved an invitation to the bridal shower and it's a tupperware-type party (where some one is selling a product and has a party for others to buy said product.)

    Unfortunately I'm not available the party day so I told the mom that we can't come, however could send the bride a monetary gift to show our support for the upcoming marriage. I was told the bride-to-be preferred a gift from the "tuperware" gift registry.


    Well, everything on the registry is kitchen stuff and almost all of it is over $60, which is a bit more than I had in mind, or under $8, which would make me feel cheap.


    I guess my question is, is this normal for a bridal shower? What should I do? I'm not great friends with the mother, we've just known each other a long time. We don't talk often. I kind of feel like I was only sent an invitation so I could participate in the 'tupperware" party.

  11. How's the Meetup.com scene near you? Are there any homeschool Yahoo! groups nearby? Look beyond FB and you might find some options that work better for you.


    Yep, Meetup and Yahoo were very popular, but then everyone moved their groups to Facebook. :( Now both are inactive sources.

  12. I have Facebook. I don't like it - it makes me feel left out, depressed, worthless, lonely...yes, my own fault for feeling that way. I only have "acquaintances" there, I don't use it to keep up with anyone, I don't post personal updates.

    I am much, much happier without it and I'd love to delete my account (again).


    The problem is, all the socialization my young children get is through my Facebook homeschool social groups' communication. They have "friends" through these groups - in a young child sort of way, no one they'd miss if they didn't see - but I don't know where or how to find other places for them to find friends they can see regularly.


    The other thing is, I am not new in town, but the season of my life has separated me from my own friends. All my friends have older teens or adult children now, while I'm starting over homeschooling with young ones. It's still fun to get together for coffee every now and then, but I need to find others that have young children too.


    It's so hard. I think I'm burnt out.



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