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  1. We haven't studied him as an artist yet, although I know a bit about him and can recognize some of his paintings. We will cover Van Gogh while studying modern - about 4th grade.


    When I was in grade school my teacher told us he cut off his ear...I remember being shocked and concerned, but not remembering the painting or his name or anything else except the fact: 'an artist cut off his ear'


    Today we had a substitute for co-op that did a quick overview of art, showing random pieces, and when it came to Van Gogh's Starry Night, she said he was famous for cutting off his ear...to a bunch of K-2nd graders. I'm annoyed because I didn't think it was appropriate. Plus it was pointless, mentioned only for shock value. She lingered for several moments after saying it before moving on.


    My question is, at what age is it appropriate to tell a young child this bit about him, outside of doing a detailed artist study? Should I not care, is it no big deal?

  2. Netflix only suggests movies or shows that are related to ones I've already watched. I enjoy a huge variety, but don't know what titles to search for. Please give me suggestions on your favorites :) I like documentaries, sci-fi, fantasy, spooky, serious, dramas, foreign...

  3. If some one RSVPs yes, why don't they show up?

    Or at least be considerate and change thier rsvp to no,

    Or at least tell some one they aren't coming? If they can't come, it's fine, just let some one know so others don't wait and wait!


    Don't these no-shows realize other people are waiting for them? I just don't get it. It seems to be happening more and more often. It is so frustrating!



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  4. I have quite a few pdf books to print. Does anyone have a laser printer? Are they worth it? Right now I have an inkjet, it's pretty slow and one black ink cartridge prints about 200-250 pages for $15. The color cartridges are about the same, but I'm not sure how many pages I get out of them. 


    My pdfs have color, but technically I could print them in b&w. Are laser printers worth it? If so, which one should I get?

  5. Hmmm....I'm not really sure it's possible to study much in the way of history and completely avoid the messy parts, kwim?  Unless you choose a VERY narrow area of study. 


    Not sure how this comment is helpful in any way.

  6. I'm addicted to the internet and am just now realizing how deeply it affects my life. Yes, I'm using now.


    I've tried to stop, but how do you just stop using the internet? I have to use it for work. 

    So how do you stop drinking when there is a liquor store around the corner? My friend drinks too much and too often, but she doesn't use the internet. Once she asked me, 'how can you sit there on the computer when you're house is a mess?' Her house is clean.


    It is escape.

    From what, I don't know. Maybe the current situation, the present moment, which isn't bad, but I'd have to look up and actually deal with the consequences of my internet addiction.

  7. I read the first few pages of comments and skipped to the end. I'm another one that prefers the 1st edition.


    If there is a 4th revised edition, I think you should add pictures of the way the notebooks are set up - that would've helped me tremendously.


    Just an observation - it seems there are a lot of new things available for a Classical Education, it is a bit ironic. :)

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  8. My daughter accidentally gave Higher One the wrong bank account number to deposit college loan disbursement money. It's Saturday and everything is closed. Has anyone had this happen before, what happens? Is there any way to get the money if the person that owns the account number withdrew it all?


    I'm pretty sure Higher One is going to say there's nothing they can do, it's her fault because it was the account number she gave them. :(


    Want to add that there wasn't a verification process to make sure it was the correct number or anything. The other options were to get the funds using their debit card or have a check mailed.



  9. Our family does not do public group prayer, it is a personal thing and we'd rather not participate. That being said...I just joined a Christian group that opens and closes with prayer. This is new to me, coming from my background.


    The group goes around the table asking for prayer requests and I don't have any, then when prayer begins, I don't really have anything to say. This is a personal issue and completely fine with me, however I'm not sure if it's awkward for the others because I just don't participate, but I'm there.


    This was a first for my young child too and they were put on the spot in a group prayer circle asking for prayer requests and he felt terribly uncomfortable because he had nothing to say.


    Soooo, I guess I have a few questions:

    Is it primarily Evangeical and Non-denominational groups that do this prayer circle thing?

    Do you have some one in your prayer circle that doesn't participate? If so, does it bother you?

    How could I make this easier for my child without leaving the group?



  10. She IS using the litter box now, just trying to get the smell out of the carpets without replacing them. She was incredibly fearful before and wouldn't leave her hiding places. We've had her for 6 months before we actually started seeing her, even now she'll take off and hide if anyone gets within 10 feet of her, but at least she's using her own private litter box.

  11. We have a rescued cat that had some litter box issues due to extreme nervousness and fear, but finally started to use it, however our downstairs smells awful.


    I bought a new steam cleaner and used the Bissell Pet & Stain to get the smell out, but after 2 days it is starting to smell is in the same areas again. The door to that room has been closed so I know it isn't her going in the same spots.


    Any suggestions other than replacing the carpet? She is a 7-8yo spayed female if that makes any difference.

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