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  1. I can see the Santa Claus connection but for me, he looks a bit more like Michael Landon.
  2. I don't understand what you're upset about? Yes, I do have judgements and opinions. I wish little girls didn't feel pressured to get piecing. I feel stronger about that than I do my mild observations about whether beards are a hipster / millennial thing or a more widespread fashion here that will still be around for another 10 years.
  3. I saw A Quiet Place today and someone brought a newborn baby!! Who in the world bring a baby to a movie, much less a movie that is about being quiet! Silly. But the baby wasn't too disruptive and anyway... ahhh can't say more without spoilers. But -- my theater was sold out, and the showing before me sold out too, so I think a lot of people will see it. It's funny you mentioned Cloverfield, because this movie was almost a Cloverfield movie. It could have been, but the Cloverfield chose to do that John Goodman one instead (which is, IMO, an even better movie - but this one was fun
  4. I think you are right that beards ares a trend that has become a fashion change. I absolutely do NOT think, if this was a forum 20 years ago, the replies would all be "it's totally normal, most guys have beards, why are you even asking?" My husband has a patchy beard and he doensn't like how it looks. Good news for me :) since I don't love it. Though I'd never tell him to shave or anything like that. As for women and no pubic hair - this a tricky topic to google, let me tell you - but it appears you may be right and there is a small but significant trend of women being a bit bus
  5. Well, obviously, beards are OK and earrings are OK. But I see a pretty big difference, in that beards are an adult's choice, and adults have enough time to know what they want. While ear peircing is most often done to children, who are still forming an identity and ideas of what "should" be done to their bodies.
  6. Those would be best done in the funeral home before everyone carpools to the church. The mass is solemn and formal, and no private tributes are read, typically. Family can participate in the readings and songs, but that's similar to being a pall bearer: you are ceremonially involved.
  7. You know what I'd really like to see an end to? Earring as standard. I don't mind earrings but I wish people didn't ask my kid when she's getting pierced. What a bizarre question! Except it isn't, because in our culture women are assumed to have piercings. I'd prefer a world where everyone was free to wear as much facial / body jewelry as they like, but it wasn't the DEFAULT that all women get pierced.
  8. I agree with you, but, to be fair.... most women have been shaving their armpits far longer than most women have been removing pubic hair, even women who don't go out in sleeveless clothing. I think those guys would also express disgust at hairy women armpits. And women remove facial hair. Heck, I've had my eyebrows waxes, and I liked the effect. Women and body hair is all tied up with ideas about hygiene, and femininity. And of course there is a marketing / business angle too.
  9. Gotta admit I stopped shaving my legs more than once in a blue moon after I got married..... But not shaving legs is laziess, GROWING a beard isn't, right? They have to groom it, shape it, clean it. Hopefully.
  10. Beards are not to my tastes, but, I never mean to imply they are bad. Same as you. Its' OK either way, truly. I know ONE guy with a beard and I think, ewwww. Two guys, now that i think of it. But I bet if it was common in my circle / family, I bet I'd feel very differently. If my dad had a beard growing up I'm sure I"d feel different. It's very subjective.
  11. The idea that they did the exact same thing as their peers all coincidentally "for me" is what makes me roll my eyes.
  12. It really & truly is common for women these days to be hairless or very very closely trimmed. And, exactly like wearing make-up, they alllll say "I do it for me, not for him / not to impress men". Which, sure. I get that. But I also roll my eyes.
  13. It doesn't matter, but, I have an opinion anyway... same as 99% of what gets discussed here LOL
  14. The new forums just befuddled me :) We are looking to get chickens. I have the land just not the coop yet. And my 10 year old tells me that Buff Orpingtons are the "labrador retrievers of chickens" so seems like a safe bet!
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