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  1. My dd has taken Algebra 1, Geometry & Algebra 2 from Jann. Math is not my child's thing...the 2 day option was a much better fit for her. Plus, she needed the accountability class twice a week provided, vs. doing all schoolwork the night before the one/week class. Can't say enough positive things about Jann!!
  2. DD did great on reading / writing, not great in math. She tested this year as a junior & last year as a sophomore. We were warned on the forum, that scores could actually go down...and hers did. Percentile ranking stayed the same. How can we use this info to choose SAT vs. ACT, and then, what prep do you use for SAT?
  3. On a quest to make 11 yr old's progress more fun...she's doing Barton with a tutor (just had her first appt yesterday), just wondering if there is anything she'd perceive as fun that would help her also.
  4. THANK YOU, thank you!!! Just the type of info I needed.
  5. They said moderate to severe...must admit, I'm the overwhelmed, not quite sure what this all means phase. But, glad to have a point to begin again from, and guilt from all the times I've gotten frustrated & asked her things like, 'why can't you get this????' I've been skimming threads. We have an appt with a Barton tutor, as stated in many threads, expensive & sounds slow...3 yrs!! Would love best recommendations, a simple place to start.
  6. My 5th grader is in school. We HS'd for 3 years & I was just failing her. She doesn't learn easily, hates reading, butt heads with me constantly, etc. ANYWAY, Now she's in 5th grade & is failing geography. Does anyone know of 'fun' type resources we could use at home, that would be drudgery after a day of school? And seriously, no learning comes easy to this child. She works SO HARD just to pass. Trying not to stress about how are we going to help you get through the next 7 years of school!!
  7. If the credits are from a 4 year university, not community college, are they 'usually' accepted? Or same thing, check with the school. My older son, pre-med, just finished first year at university. Several of his AP's didn't transfer to his major. BUT...he said the AP's helped him so much with work load, made it easier to get through, so much was review. Even if they don't transfer in the way they expected, it was a big benefit to him. One more side note, they credits transferred somehow (in a way I haven't tried to figure out) that will give him upper classmen status, which is good (he says) for priority registration for classes. He should be a 'senior' for all but his first 3 semesters in college.
  8. I wish you could see our happy dance going on right now!!
  9. Does this mean the child receives high school AND college credit? My DD is taking a foreign language class this summer at the local university where she gets 5 college credits, equivalent of 1 semester, the 101 of the language. Would this meet 1 year of high school foreign language requirement? (for state regulation & college entrance). If she took the 102 level next summer, would it give her the 2 years needed?
  10. We called one year & the next year we just waited. We received the paper notices mid-July the last 2 years. We had to have a credit card number to pay for getting the results by phone, seems like it was expensive enough that the next year, we just waited.
  11. Jann in TX, http://www.myhomeschoolmathclass.com has been a lifesaver in our house. Worth every penny!! We too, tried Saxon Algebra, LOF Algebra, Teaching Textbooks Algebra...sigh... My dd still doesn't like math, but she can handle it with Jann.
  12. My dd is straight A's...except for math. She has a/b in Algebra, and b/c in Geometry. 2/3rd of her classes are outside teachers/online classes. Taking Algebra 2 jr year (next year). We're wondering if it's worthwhile to re-take the geometry to pull it up. She HATES math. Hate to recommend that if it won't benefit much. Her cumulative through end of her sophomore year is 3.84. Thoughts?
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