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  1. My crown was put on in April. I am still afraid to chew on it! I am so worried it will fall out. It doesn't hurt, but my gum is really sensitive around it. My dentist told me that was normal for up to a year. It's not painful, just a little tender.

  2. I always buy expensive shoes. They last longer and are better for your feet. For matters alot too, so I don't buy too big for growing room, nor so I buy too tight. My grandmother instilled this in me. My parents didnt have much money so she bought our shoes for the first ten or so years of our lives.

  3. And I loved all five items! I think I'm keeping all five.


    BC Footwear Communal Ankle Strap Bootie - $80: I love these! They are a dark brown suade and so adorable with a small heel. Keeping.


    Laila Jade Bowie 3/4 Sleeve Dolman Know Top - $58: this is a really pretty lightweight sweater that will pair well with jeans and boots. It's called burgundy, but it's more of a plum color in my opinion. Keeping.


    Statement Athenia Button Back Top -$58: this is a cute and lightweight flannel. It's royal blue with some burgundy and darker colors. The back is a bit long but is split. Is a little big but will be cute with jeans and boots. Keeping.


    Lila Ryan Liza Skinny Jean - $98: these are dark ankle jeans. Perfect length and fit except the waist is too tight. I'm going to exchange for a bigger size. I love them though!!!!


    Papermoon Anica 3/4 Sleeve Knit Top - $48: my favorite item. It is a black and white striped soft shirt with a little burgundy detail on a pocket. Love. It fits perfect and is just my style. Keeping.


    The box total is $342. If I keep all five, I get $85.50 off plus $20 off for the stylist fee, which brings me down to $236.50. not bad for quality clothing!! I can't wait to do it again!

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  4. I have not read this whole thread, but I don't see how anyone could think looting was a small crime. I don't care what color your skin is, looting is taking theft to a whole different level. It's breaking glass windows and stealing TVs and computers and shoes during a crisis. I'm not talking about taking a loaf of bread or a case of water. I mean taking advantage of a bad situation by stealing. It's despicable.

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  5. For Lafayette Parish School System for this school year

    "Non-Degreed $55/day

    Degreed**4-year degree or higher $65/day

    Certified $80/day"



    For Calcasieu Parish in 2013/14 which pays higher

    "Substitute teachers with a certificate are paid $80 a day for 10 consecutive days. On the 11th day, they'll receive $214.


    Teachers without a certificate are paid $65 a day for 10 days and then bump up to $100.


    But teachers who are non-degreed receive $58 a day no matter how long they're subbing."


    Thank you! I'm talking about west Carroll parish, and maybe my mom meant after taxes it's about $40.

  6. We move around with my husband's job (pipeline), and we have been in places I didn't love before, even places I hated! In Massachusetts, we were in the middle of nowhere! A 45 minute drive to any store other than a gas station. No churches, no nothing in the town. I hated it.


    We are in Pennsylvania now and I LOVE it. It's still a 30+ minute drive to Walmart and the bigger stores, but we have a dollar general and a grocery store in town, as well as great schools, a wonderful church and a pretty good library. And an A and W restaurant which I go to way too much.


    I always find a church and a library when we go to a new place. Those two things help me and the kids immensely. I look for the beauty in the town, the hidden gems, the people....I just have to make it work!

  7. My 9th grader loves it. She joined the basketball team and they have started practicing twice a week. She is also in chorus, and they're preforming a musical in December. She is making good grades, lots of friends, and enjoys her teachers.


    My 7th grade son also enjoys it. He is playing jr. High football and loves it. He is also making good grades, has lots of friends, and enjoys his teachers. He said he misses homeschooling, but he also likes public school right now - mainly the sports and friends.


    My 4th grade daughter is begging to homeschool again. She has friends, is in chorus, and makes good grades. But she misses homeschooling. She hates the long days, the busy work, and just really misses me. I am making her stick it out a few more weeks, mainly because I've never homeschooled in Pennsylvania before, so I don't know the laws and how it works. Louisiana is such an easy state to homeschool in. Also, wondering if she could continue chorus and homeschool.


    My 1st grade son likes it, but cried last night to Homeschool again. The days are long, the work is too easy, and he misses me. He has made 100s on everything so far, finishes his work way before anyone else, and is bored. I plan to homeschool him when I do my 4th grade daughter.


    My Kindergartner, who is at home with me homeschooling, misses the kids. He tells me all the time, you shouldn't have signed them up mama. Lol!

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  8. We used the science curriculum (a workbook) The Scientist's Apprentice for multiple elementary ages at once, and my kids loved it. It might seem simple, buy my kids learned a lot in it and it included some fun projects. It's not being published anymore so is on sale for a good price:




    It states on this site that it's for K-4th grades, but other sites state K-6th, and I'm pretty sure my oldest was in 6th when we used it. I think it's more geared for the older age-range.

    I just ordered this - Thanks!! I downloaded a sample and it looks great. And for $10, you can't go wrong.

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  9. So far, this is what I have planned.


    For all of us, we will be doing ancient civilizations and the Bible, three days a week, with Saturdays for the crafts, recipes, and other fun stuff. The readings shouldn't take long and will be an extension of our already present nightly Bible time.


    My 4th grade daughter will be doing one page in Math Lessons for a Living Education, one page on Evan Moor Reading Comprehension workbook, and one lesson in Language Lessons for Today. This will take around thirty minutes, but she has no homework and needs the extra practice. Plus, if we homeschool later on, I want her to be in the right spot in these books (because I'm OCD).


    My 1st grader has a math page, sight words, and spelling words homework each night. I do want him to do extra math from The Complete Book of Math each night if he wants to. He also reads me a book daily (Henry and Mudge or the like).


    They will all read for 20-30 minutes before bedtime, their book choice (unless they have school assigned books).


    I would like to have a game night, and play geography and math games.


    I miss my kids...

  10. Also, I was thinking of putting up a new post about an ap I've just gotten called Stylebook. You use it like a clothing organizer. You take pictures (or use online pictures) of your clothes and then you can arrange them into Looks. It could help you buy the right thing to make a new outfit, or could help you remember that this shirt looks good with these pants and this pair of shoes, etc. you can also keep stats on your clothes like how much use you get out of certain pieces and what your "cost per wearing" is.


    I just got the ap today and have been wasting the past few hours putting photos of my clothes in there! â˜ºï¸ But it's kind of fun to arrange my things into a Look, and I do think it would be interesting down the road to see my stats on certain pieces.

    Why did you tell me this? Now that's what I'm going to be doing today!! 😊😊😊

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  11. I've done it before and lost weight pretty quickly. I would fast from 3 pm until 11 am each day. So basically fasting for 20 hours a day, only eating for four hours. I didn't necessarily diet - I ate whatever I wanted to but only in those hours. Obviously not lots of junk food but normal food, normal meals, the occasional cookie or ice cream. I need to do it again.

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  12. For your first grader, I would make sure you teach any sight words they send home or sight words they are working on with phonics, here is why and how, I've had too many remedial students with problems from sight word teaching.



    Yes. He has the most homework, lol. He already knows the sight words they've sent home so far. I will continue to do his homework.

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  13. Megan, you don't have to wait nine weeks. If this was just an impulsive mistake, why not leave the ninth grader in school and bring the younger children home now? Do you need a longer break, or are there lessons involved with going to school that you want them to learn, or...why wait?

    My husband thinks they should stay in for a while because they begged to go. He doesn't want to think I'll jump everything they say frog. I am a bit impulsive. I am wishy-washy sometimes. I may not wait the full nine weeks. Thanks for the encouragement though that it is okay for me to take them back out. I need to hear that it's okay!

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