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  1. Maybe you could take a device free vacation - it doesn't have to be expensive, but somewhere he will be busy doing fun things. Everyone should be device free for this time. It could be going to a cabin in the woods or just going to Grandma's house. Keep him active mentally and physically. Chop wood, go fishing or hunting, build something, hike through the woods, go camping, play board games, etc. Don't even talk about devices or internet for at least a week. Once he goes this long without Minecraft, it may be easier to regulate time limits.


    If it were my son, I would not allow him any time on it if he could not regulate or be honest. Sneaking around and finding ways to play Minecraft is not acceptable. I would get rid of whatever devices he had or put them in the safe or something for a long time. I would be very involved in his life and keep him busy and talking.


    I've not been in this situation though, so I don't know if my advice is helpful.


    Eta: If you feel you should restrict internet activity, do it. An addiction this young in life is not a good thing. Don't be a crutch for it.

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  2. Mermaid pillows are quite a popular thing with preteens. They are sequence pillows that change to a different color when you move the sequence. Google mermaid pillow and you'll see what I mean. Amazon has a great selection. I got one for my niece and my sister said she had been asking for one.

    Oooh, good idea. We are moving in January and my mom bought all the kids new bedding. So that would be a fun item for her.

  3. Something new - my four oldest are in public school and my three oldest are in sports (football is over, but now basketball for the girls and wrestling for the boy)


    Three words - Change, Peace, Fun


    Favorite memory - tough one because there are so many!! Taking the kids to the Pittsburgh Zoo twice, the Pirates vs. Brewers game, and Hershey Park. Is that three memories...? Oh well.

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  4. This is my daughter, but for some reason I'm having a really hard time coming up with a good gift for her.


    She doesn't play with toys, other than Shopkins and Legos. This is what I have so far:


    Two pair of under armour shorts (Need for basketball)


    Several blouses (Wear gift)


    Books 9-16 of Magic Tree House Merlin Missions (Read gift)


    A Shopkins stuffed toy


    She wanted the Lego Friends Hotel, but that's out of my budget ($100). I'm thinking $50 or less.

  5. I think it's a sweet story. The alternatives that could have happened could have been far worse - giving birth in that tent on the street, baby being neglected and die, baby being sold for drugs, etc... Why does it matter if the mom didn't have "choices"? Her baby is in a loving home with parents who will care for her. The mom obviously didn't want to get clean for the sake of her baby. I don't see how anyone would have a problem or concern about this story. I don't see an abuse of power at all - just a police officer who has children of his own and compassion for the unborn baby of a heroin addict.

  6. What about a pretty cake stand or expensive casserole dish for your mom?


    Here are a few I like.






    Or this casserole dish holder which I love


  7. I have never been disappointed with a gift my husband got me. I am always thankful that he thought of me, took the time to buy me something and wrap it, and no matter what it is - kitchen towels, an entertainment center, thermals - I am always so excited to open the gift and see what he thinks I need or want. His gifts have evolved over the years but I would never express disappointment in a gift or suggest he send something back and get me something "better".

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  8. I don’t think the entitlement comes from the trips/things - I think it comes from parental attitudes/lack of discussions, etc.


    My kids had more travel/stuff than many of their peers, but I’m pretty sure they weren’t “entitled†because they did see how most of their friends lived, and because we did a lot of talking about values and what was important, etc.



    Yes, I agree with this.

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  9. I have always felt that my kids don't need a "constant friend" hanging out with them all the time. It's good to have friends, yes, but I agree - I want the memories to be with *our* family.


    I also would not want my children going on extravagant trips with friends families. I also agree that kids these days are entitled, and it's mostly the parents fault!


    So I guess I'm just mainly saying I AGREE with you. (As usual).

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  10. I always bake my cookies at a slightly lower temp - 315-325. I also use slightly less flour than called for and handbeat.


    Foe the sugar cookies, you could mix sprinkles into the dough before baking, which would make pretty cookies. Or sprinkle on top of cut our cookies before baking - no icing needed. Or do "whoopie pie" cookies - two cookies with icing in between like a sandwich.

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  11. My cat is worse than a toddler right now. I am constantly finding ornaments from my tree all over the house. She bats them off and chases them all over. She jumps ON the tree, knocking stuff off. She climbs up the inside of the tree and won't come out. I dread putting presents under it because she is in the shredding paper stage.


    She's about 17-19 weeks (my best guess). She was an orphan we bottle fed. She was about three weeks old when we found her (again, my best guess). I swear she is not all "there".

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  12. I got fiestaware for $20 for a 4 piece set. They are about $23 on Kohl's right now (half price), and i used their 20% off coupon. I got eight colors for $162.


    Eta: oh and I got my picture Christmas cards from Vistaprint for 60% off - $75 worth of cards for $30.

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