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  1. My kids like to toast frozen waffles and put a piece of precooked microwavable sausage in between. They call it a waffle sausage sandwich. (Creative, I know)


    They have frozen breakfast burritos.

  2. Also, in all honesty, I don’t even like audiobooks. Or being read aloud to. My attention wanders almost immediately.

    I am the same way. I am a bookworm and love to read, but I cannot stand being read to or listening to audio books. I don't have the attention for it, I guess?

  3. meganrussell, is there a new teaching concept for each lesson? Does it take you guys 20 mins/day to cover new material or to do the entire lesson?

    No, there is not a new concept every lesson. There is quite a bit of review, which I love. Some days, my 2nd grader can complete the lesson all on his own.


    Twenty minutes to complete the entire lesson, new concepts and speed drills.

  4. I am using abeka math for 1st and 2nd grade. We do not use the teachers guide. I have them do a few oral drills and the just teach each new concept as it pops up in the workbook. It takes us about 20 minutes a day each, sometimes more sometimes less. I did buy the tests and drills book and they do the speed drills daily.

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  5. I don't think we should encourage less responsibility for young adults today, but it really is a different world than what many of us grew up in. I'm 51, and in my day, a young couple under 20 could find a job that would support a family with or without higher education. They wouldn't have had much money, but it would have been possible. I know that it is possible to some extent today, but I think it is much harder for 18-25 year old young adults to be completely independent today ( I am including health insurance as part of the problem today.)

    I think one of the reasons for this is that the *standard of living* for young adults is so high. Most young adults are used to having their parents pay for their cell phones, internet, brand name clothes, etc, because teens do not have jobs where they can pay for some of this. My parents bought me a certain number of clothes each school year, but anything extra I had to buy myself. I could not imagine having them pay for a cell phone for me as a teen! I babysat and earned all of my gas money (I used their car, but had to put my own gas in it) and money for any entertainment I wanted to go do (movies, bowling, food, etc).


    Also, most young adults want the *nicest* of everything - houses, cars, furniture, home decor, jewelry, clothes, cell phones, laptops, etc. When my husband and I got married 16 years ago, I was 18 and he was 20. We rented a small house, had lawn chairs in our living room and a card table in our dining room. We did not have credit cards, cell phones, and we bought what we could afford regardless of how it looked. And we were HAPPY. We were 100% independent. We struggled some, we had to work hard, we had to make it work, but we learned so many life lessons! And now that my husband literally makes 10 times a week what he used to, we appreciate things. I still don't buy expensive things, we don't buy our kids cell phones or just give them money. We will help them when they leave home at 18/19 years old, but I want them to learn the valuable lessons we did. Life is not easy, but an easy life is not what makes life good. Struggling a little is NOT a bad thing.


    I hope this makes sense.

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  6. Elemental Science - Intro to science. It covers many topics from weather to gravity to plants... The go along books are Mudpies and Magnets, the Handbook of Nature, and library books on each topic. It's simple, painless, and fun to do. The experiments and activities don't require crazy things and my boys enjoy it. They are 7 and 5.

  7. My mom had bought me the Stitch People book for Christmas, wrapped and under the tree. My cousin also bought me one, and I just received it today. I didn't know my mom had gotten it for me, so I excitedly sent her a picture of the book saying my cousin bought it for me. Now she's upset because she was so excited to give it to me, and it's so close to Christmas...


    I just got into cross stitching, but I love it. I have tons of thread, but am looking for something cross stitch related, around $50, for my mom to get me instead. Maybe some type of organizer or basket? Help! A Google search didn't give me what I was looking for.

  8. I have protruding ears. They were worse when I was a kid. I NEVER wore my hair up. They aren't so bad now, and I wear my hair up quite a bit.


    If only my forehead wasn't so big. Sigh.


    I really have learned to love myself, flaws and all. Freckles, big ears, frizzy hair.

  9. 1. I am more classic than fashionable. I like good fitting jeans, nice tops, good booties for dressing up or cute cowgirl boots or my clogs for everyday. I spend around $200-400 a year for myself. More if I buy shoes - shoes are one thing I don't buy cheap.


    2. I spend way too much on my kids. I have five. My oldest dd is 15 - she likes Under Armour and Pink. I have probably spent $750-1000 on her this year. My 12 yo ds also likes Under Armour and Nike, and he wears Levi jeans. He plays sports, so I buy football cleats, wrestling shoes, etc. Probably spent $750-1000 on him this year. My next three are 9, 7, and 5. My little boys wear Levi's, but my daughter wears Children's Place jeans. They all wear Nike shoes. I probably spent $300 each for them this year.


    3. My husband is low maintenance. He wears Wrangler snap button shirts with Wrangler jeans. He buys several pair of boots a year. Probably $500 a year on him.

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