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  1. Thank you so much! I have much to learn! I will check out MUS.
  2. We did not get a dyscalculia diagnosis.
  3. Thanks for the responses so far!!!! My dd is 8 and has below level math scores on the variety of things tested...fluency, calculation, reasoning, etc. We have been doing Saxon. I do not feel it is a Saxon issue, but perhaps a working memory issue(?). Understanding dyslexia is all still so new to me yet. I read through the history on touchmath, bright light thank you for linking that. The article confirms some of my fears regarding touchmath, yet I see my daughter struggle to remember and understand how to do things that she seemed to understand yesterday, basic addition and subtraction overwhelms her. There is a disconnect somewhere that I hope we can work on. Does the Ronit Bird book provide a curriculum or a way to manipulate a curriculum to help in making the connections to understanding the concepts. Do you use it in addition to a curriculum?
  4. We have a recent diagnosis of dyslexia. The assessor recommended TouchMath. After looking at it I could see my child responding well to it, but it only goes through second grade. What do we do after that? The multisensory approach will be important and I still like a spiral method (constant review is important, which is why I like the spiral method...not sure yet if it is the best with dyslexia). Any suggestions? After TouchMath we were recommended to use Making Math Meaningful but I am not finding a practical way to implement it. TouchMath users, what have you transitioned to? Thanks!
  5. I am ready to get planning and am trying to decide between HSTonline or Homeschool Planet. I have been doing the Homeschool Planet free trial but one of my hang ups is that I cannot save the info to my computer. If I stop using it I would lose the info unless I print out a hard copy. If you have used both HST online and Homeschool planet which is easier to manage? Which do you prefer and why? I love the ability to sync my google calendar with homeschool planet but that isn't possible with HSTonline. Is it easy to shift assignments out if you miss a day with HSTonline? HSTonline is cheaper and you can download the pdf onto your computer but is it as easy to use as Homeschool planet? Thanks!
  6. I am using PR1 with ds 7 and dd 5, and PR3 with DS 9. I am planning on doing all 4 levels. I am pretty sure we will do LR as well, but we shall see what God has for us at that time.
  7. I wanted to confirm a pp comment too. We also test through the county school system and they only test Math and LA. It was the Iowa test! If you don't file as religious exemption, the school system will send you a letter that allows you the opportunity to test through the school system if you should choose to. It is freely given and proctored through the school system. The results take longer to get back (4-6 weeks), but it is free and you don't have to worry about sending your results in. The down side is that you only get the final results, you don't know what questions your child struggled with. I believe though, once the children are testing for 6th grade they then have to test science and social studies, but I am not clear on that yet as we only have a 4th grader and under.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions and I will check into the Reed stuff. Any other thoughts? Has anyone used Teaching tape technology? :bigear:
  9. I am going to be switching from Singapore 4a/4b to Saxon (level will be determined based on a placement test later) this next fall and wanted a computer or dvd program to go along with it to teach my son. Have you used either teaching tape technology or DIVE and what do you think of it/them? CC recommends the teaching tape technology dvd's, but I have seen many use DIVE. I would love to hear thoughts on both and why I would want to spend more on teaching tape technology vs dive, or not bother. Thanks!
  10. I am going to switch to Saxon next year from Singapore US ed for my going to be 5th grader as well. I am planning on finishing out the year with 4b and then will do the placment tests to see where he will be. There was a previous thread about this very question that you may find helpful. If I get a minute I will check that link for you.
  11. I like to use the Evaluations as a discussion/review time that we do orally. I don't actually give it as a test.
  12. Last year I did do TOG and CC together! However, I would agree with a pp that one will suffer and for us that meant the CC memory work. It wasn't too big of a deal for the kids to be memorizing different history sentences than where we were in history (although I would prefer it). I would personally prefer a TOG co-op with the Veritas Press Timeline cards and memory work added in. However there just isn't one in this area that I know of and I haven't successfully been able to get one going. CC is a good program and so is TOG. I don't think it would be crazy to do both as long as you were comfortable letting one go throughout the week. I would love to hear from someone that knows how to make it work though!
  13. I just got my PR 1...my son asks just about every day when we get to use that "blue board"! We have a road trip coming up and so I am going to do some major DVD watching to get us started. We do like TOG here!
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