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BJU DVD question and cost


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I used these for my son in high school. At that time we ordered them through www.digitalearningnetwork.com.


I guess they are no longer in business, and I went to BJU's site and now you can order the DVD's right from their site.


When I ordered from DLN, they offered a payment plan, even if you only ordered one grade level kit.


From what I am reading now, it looks like you can only choose a payment plan if you order 2 or more grade level kits.


So this means a person who wants to use BJU DVD's, would have to fork over the ENTIRE $999.00 plus s/h and deposit up front????


I hope that isn't the case since most people cannot afford to do that all at once(like myself).


Please tell me that isn't true??????????????????:confused:


We loved BJU DVD's for High School.

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Ugggh. How am I supposed to afford that?????:001_huh:


I loved it when we did High School because we would do the payment option and made it much more affordable.


Abeka offers payment plans, I wonder why BJU doesn't????


I am NOT happy and will be telling BJU that.

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Right, and I would not need 2, only one.


When DLN offered them when I Homeschooled my high schooler, they had a payment option. BJU is going to lose a lot of customers if they think many of us can pay that kind of money at once:confused:


I hope I am wrong.

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