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  1. okay. See that is what I thought. It seemed to be all geared for a co-op, not for a parent homeschooling one child. Thank you:001_smile:
  2. Okay, maybe I am stupid or something. I have been to the Great Books website a million times. I even got a sample from them. I think it is Level 3. It seems that this is geared for a classroom? Or a co-op? Where would I start? What would I order? I have an 11 yo. What is this program *exactly*. It seems as if the books are just small stories within one book. Not a full lit program. You can use this with one child? If someone can explain this to me in very simple terms I would appreciate it. Okay, I am crawling under my rock now. :confused:
  3. THANK YOU!! These are really great suggestions:001_smile:
  4. YAY Jen. Here is some:lurk5: for you too:001_smile: Thank you!! Whose bringing the drinks? I like mine with an umbrella please:D
  5. YAY Melissa!!:lol: Thank you. Here is a big box of :lurk5: for you!! Thanks so much:D
  6. How do you take Algebra 1 in 8th grade and count that on a high school transcript? It is mandatory here to have Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 to graduate.??
  7. :lurk5: Popcorn for Jen for replying:D How are you implementing Caesars English 2? Am I to assume the teachers edition fof that is the same? :lurk5: Spycar, here is some for you to. But I am not cleaning up any kernels....;) (And FWIW, I like the looks of the Poetry as well)
  8. I am so stuck on this. Daughter will be 11. We have not done anything in the critical thinking/logic area. Something that starts off slowly and builds?? I don't want to frustrate her. As always, thanks!!:)
  9. AAACK............sorry:tongue_smilie: Here is more for all of us to share :lurk5::lurk5::lurk5::lurk5::lurk5::lurk5: Do I get an answer now??:lol: hee hee....
  10. :lurk5::lurk5::lurk5: Anyone?? I will get sick eating all of this popcorn myself:lol::lol::lol:
  11. I have been checking different sites all day. Some of these are really great!! Thanks:)
  12. LOL..............This is how I feel when I am at Amazon.com!!!:lol:
  13. Thanks. Sometimes places like Amazon charges shipping from each seller, so at $3.75 for shipping on a .75 book adds up if you are buying several. I was trying to cut back on shipping. So even if I were to buy from either the same site, or diffferent sellers, I would get some kind of discount. Thanks!!:D
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