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Hey all you lucky people who were (are?) in VA...

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Please help me figure this out!


The new WTM is here, and I honestly think there is a step missing in the "How To" section of the History Overview (IOW: How to use History of the Ancient World, etc.). The last step is for the student to write down a few things/people he'd like to explore further, but I haven't seen where the student does anything with this list.


I have an idea that maybe at some point, dc should research one of these things and write a report. After all, there are now so many great new books in the extra resources section covering practically the whole world. Is that just for the formal "research paper" - or should we be doing a paper each week? If so, how long should it be?


I'm hoping maybe this was mentioned in VA.





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Susan said that high school students should be doing 2 1-page persuasive papers in history, science, or literature every week. I'm assuming that the questions she suggests posing to come up with a thesis statement are in the WTM, but she did give us some examples at the conference. She also said they should be doing one or two research papers every year. I don't remember the specifics, but it may have been 2 4-8 pg. papers in the ninth grade. I'm also assuming that this is in the WTM, but I haven't rec'd my copy from Amazon yet.


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Thanks! I'm not sure if those questions are in WTM or not (surely they are!). They are on the Writing CD.


ETA for those interested: There are notes from an earlier convention in this thread:




(I thought your post sounded familiar!)

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