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8th Grade Finalized!

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After much research and flip-flopping, I'm finally settled. For sure this time. :D


My soon-to-be-homeschooled-for-the-first-time 8th grade daughter will be doing:


History/Literature: TRISMS

Language Arts: IEW (Integrated with TRISMS)

Science: Rainbow

Math: VideoText Interactive Algebra

Spanish: Rosetta Stone

Enrichment: Local HS enrichment program, 4 hours per week, that includes art, classic literature discussion, hands on history and piano

PE: Tae Kwon Do

Typing: Mavis Beacon


I know I made a classic newbie mistake and spent a bazillion dollars, but I work full time and know that I won't be successful with a "do-it-yourself" style. I basically went with pre-packaged curriculum for everything for this year, and we'll see how it goes.


So....my wallet is A LOT lighter (spent the day buying most of this stuff at the GHEA conference) but the weight on my shoulders is also much lighter, so it's all good!


Next step....I actually have to implement it all. GAAAHHH!


Thank you to everyone here who helped me make my choices. I really appreciate you!

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Looks interesting! Good variety, I think. I know what you mean about implementing it! It's always more fun for me to do the research, find what I think will work and buy it! :D


Hope you have a great year!


Thanks! I'm a little anxious, but definitely excited. As I type DD is going through all the loot I picked up for her today. Much to my relief, she seems really interetested as well. I'm hopeful!

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