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Anybody want a ride from Richmond airport to Williamsburg?

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I'm flying in on Thursday afternoon (about mid afternoon) to the Richmond airport. I'm by myself and renting a car. It's a shame for it to carry just me. Is anyone else flying in in the afternoon that would like to ride with me? No charge just a ride. :) I'm flying back out Sunday around lunch. (I'm at the wrong computer to know the exact times but if someone is interested, I'll PM you those)


Anybody interested?


P.S. I'm talking about the Peace Hill Press conference, of course. :)

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Thanks for the offer! So nice of you....


I wish I could take you up on it.... I ended up going through Newport News. I was able to get a considerably cheaper flight, AND a direct flight from Boston. Richmond had connections and cost more. Weird, huh? Especially since Richmond is larger (I think). Anyway, I'll either get a cab or (gulp) rent a car....


Anyone else going through NN?


:-) Stacey

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