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keep talent search SAT scores on record? (X-post from accel learner)

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Hi, everyone -

I'm a lurker who has benefited a ton from reading these boards, but until now I haven't felt I had anything to add to the discussions, or any questions to ask. Now I do have a question -- my 12-year-old son took the SAT in January as part of the JHU CTY talent search, and I'm wondering if I should ask the College Board to keep his scores on his record. It clearly states on the score report that he was in grade "<8"; they're quite decent scores (well, the math score is quite high; the "verbal" score is mediocre, but he had a bad cold at the time, and we told him to just answer a few on those sections. It's a looonnng test!), esp. considering he was only 12 at the time. I have every reason to believe his 11th- or 12th-grade scores will be much higher, so the score report will show only improvement (esp. the verbal score).


We had him take this test to get an objective confirmation of his abilities, so conceivably I will be using the scores in the future to gain entrance to various programs (that's why I was thinking I'd leave them on his record) . . . I can't see any downside to keeping the scores. Does anyone have any experience or feelings about this issue they'd like to share? I'd appreciate any advice. This is new territory for me. Thanks so much!


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There is no point in keeping old scores on record. The general feeling is to take the SAT twice, but no more than three times. That allows for bad days, a sick day or a fire drill bell or something else unforeseen. Why use up one of those takes for a score you won't be using for anything anyway, right? Other than a specific program like JHU, SAT scores aren't really helpful for gaining entrance to programs unless they are *really* high. For example, my daughter wants to do a summer program at ASU, but they only take scores in the top 1%. So my 13yo would have to score over 1450 in CR and Math. Not likely. Besides, as long as you keep the actual, official score report on file that you can share, that is generally enough for anyone other than colleges.



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My ds did the talent search for JHU in 8th grade, taking the SAT. We have kept the scores from it and the letters from JHU showing that he placed into their program, as well as the Spatial Test Battery Scores. We have used the information in his applications for various camps that were competitive, but no one has ever asked us to prove anything by sending scores from the College Board. The fact that they participated in the search and that they are eligible to take courses has been enough for us.


I have had ds take two distance courses with JHU because I figure it looks good on the transcript and they are courses that I couldn't offer him otherwise (computer programming)....don't know if it really does anything for him, but I figure it can't hurt to have a transcript from them as well.


By the time they are in high school and applying for programs, you will probably also have PSAT or current SAT scores that they can send in through College Board and that is what the programs will want to see at that point anyway.



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You brought up some excellent points. I didn't realize I wouldn't be asked to show "official" scores. I guess I'm inherently not a risk-taker, and I was worried I'd misplace the score report we just got. Guess I'll make multiple copies and scatter them around the house LOL.


Thanks for all the helpful info! I love these boards :-)

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