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  1. A friend of ours had to get rabies shots in Central America (he was bitten by a dog), and they were the old-fashioned painful kind (in the stomach). He said that the kind of rabies shots he would normally have gotten here in the U.S. would not have been painful, but he couldn't switch types during a course.
  2. I'm learning a lot in this thread about front-loaders. It's especially interesting about making shorter cycles for American consumers. We always get a kick out of the super-long cycles in Europe – here are photos from the washing machine in our holiday flat in the UK last December we took to show folks back home. Who in the U.S. would accept a 2.5-hour cycle? You do have to plan ahead! ... we're used to popping stuff into the washer and expecting it to be done in, well, under an hour. When we lived in Europe the "Kochwäsche" cycles (95º C 😮 ) impressed me – pretty much steaming-hot water
  3. I agree it seems like a freak accident. In fact, I almost used those exact words in my post – but, I am also clumsier than I used to be ... so I will be more careful now with my stainless-steel straw! I am also eyeing my drinks suspiciously 🤔
  4. You made me curious (and thinking about getting my own straw to carry around – I do this with coffee mugs and drinking glasses, and doggie bags, already). I found this article about Berkeley and it even quotes the manager of the restaurant (Saul's) where I first encountered stainless-steel straws, talking about how Saul's disinfects their straws. (Hmm, I think I will bring my own from now on! although it sounds like they are conscientious.) ETA: I had read the article years ago when I first got curious about the steel straws at Saul's, and I remember that statistic – they used to buy 150,
  5. I usually prefer no straw at all, but some of the restaurants around here (like in Berkeley) use metal straws, which I think is cool ... but I was reading the Times of London this evening and there was an article about a woman killed by a metal straw. The details are rather gory but apparently she fell onto it, and it was one that was fixed in her drinking glass. The metal straw was apparently a birthday present. I did notice that between 2017 and 2018 all the restaurants in London we visited had ditched plastic straws & were using colorful paper straws – with red, yellow, or blue str
  6. Don't get me started on "low-flush" toilets that have to be flushed several times instead of once ... 😁 or the mercury-containing compact fluorescent light bulbs that cast a cold glow, give one a headache, AND don't last any longer for us – but are a pain to recycle (we do, of course) and presumably need a lot of handling to recycle, as they are hazardous materials (and who knows how many people do not recycle them, as it isn't made as easy for the U.S. consumer as I have seen in Europe and Asia). Edit: I've banned CF in our house (we use old-fashioned bulbs) until LEDs are more widely av
  7. Check out this puppy in Manteca! Now I see why many people I know who work in the East Bay/Peninsula/SF/San José live in Manteca (& other cities such as Stockton, Modesto, Merced ...). A teacher friend of mine has a colleague who lives in Manteca and teaches in Dublin. She has to leave her house at 5am to have an "easy" hour commute to Dublin; if she leaves at 6am she'll basically never get to work. She arrives at her grandmother's house in Dublin at 6am and takes a 1-hour nap, then goes to the school to work. What a way to live ... BUT my friend says her colleague was able to buy a big ho
  8. LOL and I see why – we were pricing 1- and 2-bedroom condos/townhouses for my son who is moving back to the Bay Area. In our town you can get a pretty nice 1- or 2-bedroom condo for $400k or a bit more, which (boy, have I lost all sense of perspective!!) I was thinking was pretty reasonable – he should be able to save a 20%+ down payment ($100k) within 2 years on his SV salary (AND living at home and commuting, I hasten to add – we've emphasized that we are doing him a favor 🙂 ... a friend of his who works at Google is paying $2.8k PER MONTH for a 1-bedroom apt in Mtn View/Sunnyvale). Any
  9. Six figures are normal starting salaries, even for kids just out of college (& the OP's dd bought a house 5.5 years ago, so she must be a few years out of college). My 23yo son just interviewed at four SV companies last week, and it's absolutely crazy the kind of money that is flying around here (signing bonuses, stock options, etc.). Just crazy.
  10. ha, no worries about finding alternative providers in California 😉 If you want to PM me, I'd be happy to talk with more details about places to live. We are in the East Bay, which is relatively affordable; our son starts at a tech job in SF in a few weeks (he has been lured from out of state). He's not looking forward to the commute (on a bus and then BART), but the job seems perfect for him.
  11. jumping in late – but congrats! we have a 2001 Outback and love it for the snow. And rain. Our son bought a 2017 Crosstrek (he lives in Utah and it's all he drives in the winter; he also has/had a convertible and a motorcycle) and my husband is eyeing them also. We will probably buy our son's Crosstrek from him soon 😊 as he admits he doesn't really need two cars (he's moving to warmer climes).
  12. I was in New Orleans earlier this year for my first time ever, and I found these videos super helpful – riding the St Charles streetcar and this one. In hindsight I should have gotten off at the cemetery midway (Lafayette Cemetery No. 1) but I had a bad cold and was happy to just ride the lovely streetcar around. I would also be interested in tour ideas. Following!
  13. Food trucks are huge in California; I think they may have started with Roy Choi in LA. My brother took us to one of Roy's trucks (Kogi Van Verde) and I didn't see the appeal at first – we were all hunched over the car hood in the dark, eating (wonderful) food (Korean–Mexican fusion)! But since then I've become a convert. I think the advantage is the variety, especially when you have a bunch of food trucks. Everyone in a family can get what he or she wants; then you gather and eat, together, your widely different choices. And at many of these events there is seating, near the group of trucks. P
  14. If you are the one who pays for the Prime account, you can add several family members. I know b/c I've never paid for Amazon Prime, yet I've had it for over 10 years b/c my SIL (who grew up in a communist country lol; and lives 5 hours away) has it and added us and my parents. If you are an add-on, you don't get the perks like the streaming; just the free, fast shipping. Oh, I see (in a later post) that it's just a matter of the password (which could be changed anytime) being known to the sister. MedicMom, I hope you can make contact. Best wishes!
  15. The Oakland Amtrak station (at Jack London Square) is also an easy walk from the BART station – just a few blocks. We've done the walk lugging a small suitcase each.
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