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52 Books Challenge News - A special award

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Hi gang. I'll cross post this in the weekly update as well, but wanted to bring to everyone's attention.


The Premio Dardos award is being given to all the contributors and participants of the 52 Books Challenge.


Kay in Cal -- please step forward to accept your award and a big big thank you for starting this challenge.


Please give Kay a big virtual hug!




Check out the award at the 52 books Blog.


Thank you.

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Do I put this on my blog? I put my reviews and have a running list there. Link in siggy.



Yes, you can. You can copy the image and put it on your blog, say something about it in a post or put it in your sidebar.


The folks in the book blogging community like to make up awards and show appreciation to other bloggers. They are very verbal with their thank you's and we like your blog, we like your spirit; that sort of thing. If you go to My Two Blessings, you'll get an idea of what I'm talking about.


Something I noticed we don't do much in the homeschool blog world. And you just gave me an idea for something. Please do put it on your blog. If you come across another blogger who you think should be awarded, then pass it on.

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