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How many people do you know who have lost their jobs due to the economic downturn?

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Here in NC, unemployment is higher now than in the 80s. However, in IA where my dh is from (and his father and brothers still live) unemployment is 5%.


I'm sorry. I know some states are hit harder than others. I meant that the *national* unemployment rate is lower now than in 1982. Not that every state is doing better than they were in 1982. I apologize for being vague.

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I don't know if you're still following the thread, but there was an article on the news this week about how Kansas is trying to hire 22,000 workers.


Here's the website for the jobs fair, if anyone's in the area:



Here are some excerpts from the article:


Next Wednesday -- there's an Omaha job fair hosted by the Employment Guide, that will include an unusual employer for these sorts of events.


The State of Kansas will have two booths with the goal of trying to fill 22,000 jobs. "We have to meet the needs of the employers in the state," says Phyllis LaShell, Workforce Response Coordinator with the Kansas Department of Commerce. "We don't want them to leave the state."


So far, the Kansas job outreach has extended to several states including Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Colorado.


"There are individuals faced with losing their homes. This could be a good opportunity to go to Kansas and get reestablished again," says Jim O'Connor with the Employment Guide.


Kansas jobs range in pay from $8/hour to $75,000/year. It has two big projects to be built -- an $87(m) state casino and a $450 (m) federal bio-defense facility that Omaha was in the running for a few years ago.


There are 63 companies looking for workers that will be at the job fair Wednesday, April 8: Hawkins Construction, Hy-Vee, Cox Communications, TSA, among others. The job fair will be held at the Holiday Inn Central, 72nd & Grover, 10am-4pm.



ETA: I didn't include the quotes in the post, but I was surprised by several people in the article who refused to move to another state to look to work. Last year, when dh was unemployed for 4 months, I heard the same thing from a couple of headhunters. They had openings, but many people refused to relocate. I know that not everyone is in that circumstance, but as a family who has moved 5 times in 8 years for job-related reasons, I was surprised that someone wouldn't even consider it.

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We have had a number of business contacts/friends laid off, but we are in the construction biz. We also have a close friend that lost his job. Thankfully, the same company hired him back, just in an other area of the company. They had to move across the country though.


We are self-employed and hanging on by a thread...:tongue_smilie:

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Personally: No one. Although we have a friend who may be out of work this summer if no new contracts come in to his company by then.


Friends of IRL Friends: One


Out of curiosity, I looked up our state's unemployment stats. In Feb 2008, it was 5.9%. In Feb 2009, it was 9.1%. Our little area of the state tends to be in a bit of a bubble, so it has not been as effected as the rest of the state... yet.

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In Indiana where we were living, quite a few people had lost their jobs with more about to lose them when the plant in town announced it was shutting its doors as well...You couldn't get a part time job at a fast food restaurant...My SO was out of work almost a year before we relocated 600 miles away in IA...


Out here in IA though, I haven't heard of one person that has lost their job...No one really seems to talk about the economy...The supermarkets around here are actually hiring part time workers, which was amazing to me...I know where my SO works, they are constantly hiring because his line of work isn't desirable to say the least...He found out the other day the guy he replaced had only worked ONE DAY...

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We were blindsided this week when DH's company closed. Apparently the CEO was making payroll out of his own pocket for the last 3 months although nobody knew that. Not a huge company, but 15 people are affected. (Well, not including all the wives and kids...)


We know one other who lost his job this last week as well. My aunt was laid off right before Christmas (Linens 'n Things closing).


We're a wee bit stressed. :P

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