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Can someone tell me the difference in Joy Hakims History of US editions?


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I wrote this a couple of years ago, when I had used it more recently. Since then, I think there is a revision of sorts on the 3rd edition, & I'm not sure about that one...





I have heard this, but have not compared them myself:


1st edition = black & white

2nd edition = published before 9/11/01 event so that is not included

3rd edition = updated info is mostly in 1st & last books, & I heard once that more photos were added


Our Sonlight guide (2003) says the following:

"...There are only slight differences and a little extra material in the new 2003 edition of A History of US (you will see some additional notes in the History Study Guide which apply only to the 2003 edition). To accommodate your possible use of an earlier edition of Hakim, we have placed an alternate schedule on the schedule pages in a couple of places (weeks 16 and 31-36) to match the earlier editions.


Looking at the sections Sonlight mentions, it looks like there's now an extra chapter in books 5 and 9, and 6 extra chapters in book 10.


HTH, Julie

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It always makes me laugh when I google a question and WTM comes up as the first hit.


Anyways I know this is an old thread, but does anyone know if I can use the assesment book with the 2nd edition? I have a chance to buy the set very cheaply and I would like to, but I plan to buy and use the test book and it says it is for the 3rd edition.



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