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Tell me to give up for today

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I have been trying to get school done all day. NONE of my dc's minds are on schoolwork. Every time I get one back on track, someone else is distracting everyone. We watched a Story of Painting video and no comments were about the art - just about how Sister Wendy moved like Darth Vader, etc. I went out of the room for 10 minutes. When I came back my 15yo ds was trying to break the world record for how many straws put in your mouth at one time (200 and something). Of course, everyone else was watching. He got up to 176 btw. I need to just start again on Monday - but we haven't gone over the two oldest's Latin, 2 need to rewrite papers, etc. I don't want to start behind, but they are driving me CRAZY!!!


I want to hide and eat chocolate.

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Hide and eat chocolate.

Sounds like a good field trip day.......;)

They can do the stuff over the weekend that they didn't get to today, right?

The joys of homeschool!


Did you get a picture of the straws?????:D

And, I agree with your kids about Sister Wendy~:lol:

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I did give up - I told them just to put their school things away. Guess what they did? Finished their schoolwork without another distracting comment. I should have this figured out after 17 years of homeschooling, but sometimes even I get surprised.

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