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saxon 87 or algebra 1/2 after 76?


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We are 20 lessons away from finishing saxon 76, and I'm not sure which one to go with.

The saxon website says that they changed 87 to include pre-algebra, but why have algebra 1/2 and 87 if they are the same content?????

My son is strong in math and I need to order one or the other.

I only have room for one of them.

Thank you~

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My understanding is that they are basically the same thing--but approach things differently. Mine have gone from 7/6 to Algebra 1/2...if your son is strong in math, I'd suggest the same sequence. Hopefully others will chime in here, too...but I had been told that 8/7 would be good if my ds was struggling, but if not, to move on to Algebra 1/2.


I think you can find the scope & sequence on the website and compare both courses.


good luck!

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I think that with the older versions they suggested algebra 1/2 before algebra. I think that with the newest versions they suggest that a student go from 7/6 to 8/7. If they do well in 8/7 they move right into algebra. If they struggle with 8/7 they move to algebra 1/2 and then to algebra. My son is doing 8/7 right now and is doing well. He is a sixth grader who is strong in math. I just looked at Saxon's web sight and this is what they say regarding what level should be taken after 7/6.



What do you recommend for students after they have completed Math 7/6?The recommended path after finishing Math 7/6 is to take Math 8/7. If your child finishes Math 8/7 with at least 80% mastery, skip ahead to Algebra 1. In previous editions, many people skipped Math 8/7 because they found it to be a weaker text than Algebra ½. In the newer third edition, pre-algebra has been added to Math 8/7, making it a much stronger book.

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