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Snow boots: Anyone own Merrill or Sorel brands?

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I'm looking at Merrill and Sorel brands (on e-bay of course). I own other Merrill shoes and love them and the ones on ebay are the same size as I wear. However, I'm wondering if they will be as warm as Sorels.


Do Sorels run true to size? Do you usually buy up a half size to accommodate thicker socks? The last boots I bought were in the 80's when we lived in Iowa. Haven't needed them here in OK, but we're going skiing and I want something really warm:D. I'm too old to have cold feet!


Oh, and if you are familiar with North Face and Spyder brands of ski jackets/pants, do you know if they run big or small?


I'll probably end up in a body cast after the first run! I haven't been skiing in over 25 years:eek:



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I've had my pair of Sorrels for about 13-14 years . . .they don't get heavy winter use anymore (I bought them to wear during college when I had to walk everywhere in the snow), but they've held up very well and I think they run true to size. I didn't buy 1/2 size bigger when I purchased them at least :)

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They are true to size. I wear all kinds of socks, no problem (thick or thin the boots still fit). I can be out in zero degree temps and my feet are toasty warm. Not only that, they last for years. If they do start to wear out after a few years, you can get new liners for them and they would be just like new. I recommend them highly for anyone who needs a serious snow boot - and they are super comfy, too.

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