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Going to the 504 school very very soon

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Well. Hmmmmm. Sigh. [shifts in seat anxiously]


She's going to school. And I'm letting go of the idea that as long as I'm in charge of something, I can MAKE it go perfectly.


Homeschooling has been good. But it's not now. We're butting heads. I'm frustrated by the amount of work being left to me (on top of dd's schooling). I'm feeling badly about basically *ignoring* the needs of my other child.


If just one thing was different, I could continue on this path. If we had more girls her age in our homeschool group with whom she could forge relationships....I'd make it work. OR if she worked more willingly with me.....I'd be able to make it work in other areas. OR if I had a housekeeper.....I'd have the energy to forge ahead. OR if I didn't have to deal with the reading remediation on top of everything else.


But all of those things are real. They are all there, and nothing is changing. At this time anyway.


I've spent the better part of the last two weeks crying. Crying because I knew I would send her. And because I so love homeschooling and will miss it. And because I know that what I really want is both of them at home and this takes me further from that. And because of the person that I am and the person that I'm not.....and the distance between the two.


She'll be attending the 504 School. 504school.org Currently, the student body is 13 children. They get intensive O-G phonics 4 days a week one or more times per day depending on the child. All instruction is direct, multisensory 'best practices' based for kids with dyslexia and ADHD. All of the children have ADHD. 11 of the 13 are also dyslexic.


If it doesn't work, she will come back home again. A friend from the school group may also come to the school next year. Alana will start this year.....very soon. Within the next week or two.


Overall, she'll be getting less academics than she is with me. But she'll be getting some cool unit studies - really active investigative stuff - that she'll never get with me. She'll be one of the oldest at the school....which is good for her. Very good for her.


OT is available as much as is necessary. All handwriting is HWT....all language arts is comprhensive, integrated etc etc....phonics is a part of everything they do. Social skills and emotional intelligence is literally *the* top priority - perhaps even befor academics. They have a great positive behavior plan in place. Mornings are for acaemics. Afternoons are karate, sports, social skills classes, circus arts, yoga, hiking in the woods. She'll love it. The small size will likely eventually bore her - but for now it'll be awesome.


My gut is that she'll be there for the remained of this year and all of next year......and that after for sixth grade she'll be back home. I'm going to prepare for it anyway:) The school is so flexible and laid back that I may even take her out on Thursday am's to come to latin at our homeschool group (great teacher teaching latin 1.....abbeyej on this forum).


Anyhoo....there you have it.


I'll still probably hang here some as I want to stay current and prepared. I may also go back to school. I never finished college....my undx'd adhd (and major executive function issues) got in my way. I deal well with that part of this so I may give it a go.


Be well,


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Iwanted to encourage you! My 11dd is in her second year at a school for dyslexic children and it has been the absolute best thing for our family. She is a different person-confident,articulate,willing to read. She is no longer angry or defiant concerning academics. She studies independently and reads on grade level. Give this a try. I hope your daughter makes great strides academically. BTW, we still have time to study the fun stuff!


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That sounds like a wonderful program. It sounds like you are making the best decisions you can for your dc. Don't beat yourself up about it. I can feel the pain of your words about losing hsing but don't be afraid to do what is best for both of you now and have no regrets. Next year and sixth grade will unfold as they will. You will both be different people and life will grow and change and maybe she will come back. Enjoy watching her grow independently for a little while and let yourself have the time you need to.


Blessings :grouphug:



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