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Mgrs of Their Homes...

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I just read this, cover to cover, yesterday. Oh. my. goodness.


From their homepage & friends' descriptions, I thought it was just another Fly Lady (which I love, but, um, don't do well).


I read an interview w/ the author in another book & was so inspired that when I went to find the kids playing instead of cleaning their rooms (for the 3rd day in a row--new mess ea. time, though), I prayed w/ them & helped them reorganize/cull instead of breathing fire on them.


Did I mention that I washed, dried, FOLDED, and PUT AWAY 3 loads of laundry in. the. same. day? My sink was empty a couple of nights ago. (So it's not now, but it's not scary yet.)


My in-laws called on Sun & said they were in town & wanted to stop by. My house was clean & a cake was in the oven.


And I haven't even tried the scheduling yet!

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Yep, it's a big hit around here too. Teri Maxwell spoke at our local homeschool meeting last month. She is so encouraging. Have you read Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit? If not, I highly recommend it. Come to think of it, I probably should read it again...I don't think meek and quiet describe my spirit right now.

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I bought MOTH, read it, put it on the shelf, read a few years later, then sold it.


The concepts are great in theory, but I was already doing a lot of it, and the rest just didn't "fit" our family. I know several that swear by it, so it may be a good fit for your situation also.


I have Meek & Quiet Spirit also. Again, the stuff I agreed with I was already doing, but it was a nice encouragement. Maybe I'll pull that off the shelf and re-read it.


Nice to see you back!

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