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All About Homophones!


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I've been having fun playing with this "Homophone Machine" You type in a sentence or paragraph--whatever you want, and press "convert," and the "machine" replaces all of the words that have homophones. Dew ewe no what eye mien? LOL, yes, I'm easily amused!


They are having a $10 off sale on their book, All About Homophones, until 2/2/09, if you type AWESOME in for the coupon code.


I got it and it's pretty neat. I think the mega (alphabetized!) list of more than 1000 homophones in the appendix might be worth the price of the book all on its own. Many of the fill-in-the-blank sentences on the worksheets are funny, my kids will like that. We've just done 1 page so far.


I like that the sheets are divided into "suggested" grade-levels but that the grade-level is not printed on the worksheet itself--so my kids will never think they are doing something "above" or "below" their level when they are doing them (and they don't look babyish at all). And the riddles are a hoot! The "Fun Facts" at the bottom of many pages are interesting too--I never knew the world record for staring without blinking was 18 minutes! (My kids might try to set a new record, ha!).


Merry :-)

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