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A little success to share...

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Twice in the last 2 wks, ds has opened his math book while I situate the babies. When I returned, he asked to do a different page of math than what was assigned. He'd found something new that was intriguing, & while my insides said NOOOOOOOOOOO! We can't do the math book OUT OF ORDER, I realized better & let him go for it. (yay)


I've set the timer the last few days, & when he didn't finish something, the sky didn't fall in & the whole day wasn't spent nagging. For handwriting, he usually stares out the window & cries. So I set the timer for 5 min & told him he could have 1c for ea word he'd written when it dings. He's getting a page done now.


For math, I set the timer for 30 min. After about 20, if he's been going really slowly, I might reset it for 15 (instead of just the 10 that are left) & offer him a nickle for ea problem that's done correctly (of the ones left) when the timer dings. (They're 3 digit by 2 digit multiplication problems, so it never costs me more than a quarter.)


I've also designated 9:30AM - 2PM as school hrs. His behind is glued to the chair during those hrs, whether I have to get up for babies or not. He keeps his current novel there w/ him, & if he finishes an assignment before I get back, he gets to read. He's gotten all but maybe 3 math problems done every day since we started this! His attitude is so great! He finally wrote a really good narration on his own!


And if you're freaking out at those hrs, that does include time to eat lunch & 30 min to play outside, so it works out pretty lax, I think.


Today we didn't get spelling done. It was 2PM. I was able to *see* what we *had* done, though, & know that it wasn't for ds not working. So I let it go. You should have seen the look on his face. He couldn't comprehend just getting to go off & play.


*I* feel better about it. I know he's getting more of what he needs *when* he needs it, instead of long days of school or long days of nothing. And I feel like school is more doable, since I've put time limits on it, I know I can get it done in about 3 hrs. That's easier to wrap my mind around than the nebulous "We have a lot to get done." :lol:

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