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Has anyone ever heard of these? I hadn't, until my sister gave me one for Christmas (a generous gift, because they are pricey!).


Anyway, it is pretty nifty. I'm a black thumb when it comes to gardening and growing plants of any kind (indoor and out), but always dreamed of being able to snip my own homegrown herbs, fresh from my garden, for cooking.


Now, I can! I set mine up a few days ago, and can already see the basil, thyme, and chives growing. I am SO EXCITED! In another three weeks, they will be fully matured, and I will have fresh basil, thyme, mint, chives, parsley and dill.


After reading through the literature, and seeing what else you can grow in this thing, I'm now dreaming of my next "crop" -- tomatoes! My sister has used hers for over a year, and has had tremendous success.


If you lived in a big city with no space to grow a garden, this would be ideal. (Also handy if you have a black thumb, like me.)


Check it out: http://www.aerogrow.com/

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almost bought it. But THEN I looked at the price tag! :w00t: It's good to know it's worth that price though! I'll probably buy one when they come down in price some.


I really like that idea and had thought of having dh rig up something similar using a grow light, etc., but it wouldn't be as good looking as this!

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I just realized I sound like I work for the company and am trying to get y'all to buy this product! I don't. (Work for the company, that is.) If I hadn't received this as a gift, I'm not sure I would have sprung for it. I've gotten so excited about it, however, that now I'm dreaming of owning another one, so I can grow tomatoes or strawberries, while still growing fresh herbs!

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