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"Victory on the Walls" study guides? discussion questions? anyone?

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Hi everyone,


We are about to begin reading Victory on the Walls: A Story of Nehemiah, recommended reading in our WP QAW curriculum, and on the reading list for Illuminations 1, which we are *sort of* using (but we are "ahead" on it, and the curriculum for the month in which this book is read hasn't been made available yet).


I've planned out our own study guides for all the books we've read so far this year, and frankly... I'm tired. I had opportunities to read the other books in advance, but not this one, and we need to get going on it, and I'm just ... stuck.


I don't mind just reading for the sake of reading, but for the literature selections that are specifically geared to our current course of study, I like to have more critical thinking activities associated with the reading.


If anyone has any guides they've made for this particular book that they'd be willing to share, I'd be so grateful.



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Unfortunately, my comments are not going to be helpful to you, but since you brought up this book...


This book is scheduled in TOG which has questions to go along with it. I pre-read the book and disliked it so much that I'm not going to have my kids even read it. This book seemed like a rough draft to me, it was so poorly written. The dialogue was sketchy and I often found myself backtracking to figure out which character was speaking. The fictional nephew in the story seemed like a whiny brat. I had so little sympathy with the characters in the story that I felt like it detracted from the biblical account, rather than adding to my understanding.


Just my unrequested 2 cents...

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Interesting! I saw that it was in TOG. It's also in WP (obviously), I think it is in Biblioplan, and it is in the new Illuminations program. But you aren't the first person I've heard say the book was a disappointment (and for the exact same reasons)!


How long ago was it that you read it? Recently? I can't help but wonder, with all the negative feedback, why the author (or publisher) hasn't revised it.After all, it was first published (under a different title) in 1960! Disappointing.


So... we skipped reading the book Adara. Have you read that? We are past that point of history in our study, but maybe we should abandon "Victory..." in favor of that book?

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I just now thought of checking back on this thread.


I read the book at the end of August. I did read Adara and gave it to my kids along with TOG's questions. I definitely liked that book better than Victory on the Walls. TOG assigns it to middle school aged kids, but my 8 yo daughter also read it.

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