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Food processors vs. blenders....

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I have a food processor and I'm happy with it. For now I've been using it to make smoothies. It works fine. Eventually I'd like to make almond milk and other things that one would normally use a blender for. Do you think that I should invest in one, or just stick with my processor? What does one NEED a blender for (for instance, I'm thinking that it might blend stuff more thoroughly than a food processor)?


Thanks! :)

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Well I have a Kitchen Aid Food Processor and a Vita-Mix. We are a kitchen gadget family, I do a lot of cooking and my degree is in food management. I have to say I use them about equally and all of the time. I use my processor for shredding hashbrowns, making large quantities of bread crumbs etc. (I could do the bread crumbs in the VM too) But I LOVE it that the vitamix makes AWESOME smoothies. It can make ice cream and it will crush ice in a bout two seconds. It will pulverize tomato seeds and I can add fresh whole carrots to smoothies and have it pulverize them, you know the hard core of a fresh pineapple, it's nothing for the VM. I've never tried to pulverize a carrot with my food processor, but I don't think that it would work as well. I can also put harder things like nuts in my VM and I'm not sure about doing that with the FP.


Anyway, that's just my $.02. I know a lot of people that have been happy with the Kitchen Aid blender, but we've had the VM for two years and it has a 7 year warranty. We have friends that have had one for over 10 years and it's still going strong. We use ours almost daily if not several times a day.



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I also have a small KitchenAid processor and an Oster Blender. I use the processor more - could be because the blender is in the cupboard and the processor sits on the counter.

Try first to make all the smoothies etc in your processor. If you think a blender would be a serious improvement you can get one.

If I had to chose between the two - I'd opt for the food processor, more versatile IMHO.

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Oh Kristine, I am so with you on the kitchen gadgetry. I tell people to restrain me whenever I come near a kitchen store.

Do you have a huge kitchen to accomodate all the appliances? I find that I don't use things that sit in cupboards as often as I use appliances that are already on the counter waiting to spring into action. I managed to cram an brand-new, good-sized kitchen full of stuff without effort and I still have some dishes in storage.

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