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What type of recorder should I buy?


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Ds has been very interested in piano/violin lessons but we aren't able to start that yet. I thought we would start with the recorder but I'm not sure which one to buy. I saw one listed on the rainbow site http://www.rainbowresource.com/proddtl.php?sid=1203281688-1628933&subject=17&id=004259


I have no idea if this is good or bad. I don't want to spend a ton of money :o or spend to little money.


Thanks for your help


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I read reviews here quite some time ago on Penny Gardner and her nine note recorder method that was quite popular. Here's a link to a recorder she recommends:




No idea how much it costs, but maybe it's features will help you decide if the RR one will be good or if another one will be better.


Here's a link to her recorder books/methods:




I've no experience with any of this, so I can't be of any great assistance, but I hope this helps out somewhat. :)

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I recently put in a group order for these recorders:




I personally prefer the baroque fingering (double holes on right hand ring finger and pinky, or notes d and c). As I recall they didn't ship directly from Amazon, but rather from some music store-- so the "purchase more than $25 and receive free shipping" won't apply.



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By the way, if you're also looking for a method book, I recommend using "It's Recorder Time" :




(do you know how to include a direct link in a word? I'd like to learn how to do that :-)).


It's a very basic method book, nothing flashy or colorful.



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These are the recorders I got too, and I've been very happy with them.


I would not recommend the 88 cent version that you can get at Walmart. Or the higher priced version you can get elsewhere. I bought a roughly $3 recorder somewhere. And I bought the Yamaha that Verena linked. I could tell the difference. My 10 year old could tell the difference too. (And although my younger kids couldn't tell the difference, *I* could hear the difference when they played)


I'd also second recommendations for the Penny Gardner materials. Love, love, love them.

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