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In a household of iPods, I am now the sole owner of a Zune!


Dh has an old iPod, the two kids got each a Nano, and I got a Zune. I wonder if I'll regret being the sole Zune... But I did want to try it out and compare. Oh my...


The male iPod (Dh's and Ds's) will be run from the Mac, my DD's will be on the PC. We already know those are not compatible with each other.


So I'm happy with my Zune, but worried (well, it's a small thing to be worried about, mind you) about future incompatibilities...

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Well, it turns out the Zune is slightly defective. The connection for the earplugs is very sensitive. If you touch the wire, it goes on and off. Not good.


So I'll be exchanging it for an iPod. That way, we can all keep our music at the same place (iTunes) instead of having it in iTunes and Zune software.

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