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Accountability Thread 3/16 - 3/22

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Anyone else want some extra accountability this week? 

Short list:

  1. Dinners!
  2. Fitness!
  3. School!  esp. do a Full Week with younger.
  4. School!  part 2: Latin with younger.
  5. RPG: process my module, run game. 
  6. Home!  FLYlady stuff.  Water plants.  Repot poor indoor wilted plants. 

And a tardy little Easter Egg for everybody, but especially for those with friends & loved ones living in Xi's China.  Something Chinese, beautiful and unexpected ... a marvelous inversion of Swan Lakes "Dance of the Cygnets": a very masculine, very Asian Dance of the Frogs.  Enjoy!

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Morning -- and thanks for helping me be accountable! 

  1. Dinner today: ordering takeout Indian + I oughtta make some black rice to go along
  2. Fitness: yogas, bodyweight, aerobics for me; strength + runs for boys too
  3. School: Full Week.  Huh.  Frankly, gonna start that tomorrow; today: composition; Greek; history memory work; math;
  4. School Latin: start this today, go over chart + review vocab
  5. RPG: today is the day to prep the module & run the game.  Maybe get a map going on a virtual tabletop.
  6. Home: try to hit routines & water plants. 

And here's something cool: the downside of opposable thumbs -- they make even monkeys susceptible to sleight-of-hand

Happy Monday, y'all. 


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