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Arabic Wheel of Fortune

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Hello all, I don't visit here very often anymore (my youngest/last is set to graduate high school in a few weeks), but I thought I would mention this resource in the event anyone has intermediate Arabic learners. We quite enjoyed watching Wheel of Fortune in Arabic -- perhaps more approachable than other shows as it's a format that most people would recognize (if they've watched any of the US series), repetitive in nature so you can start to pick up repeated words in context, and offers an opportunity for older learners that isn't cartoons or programs geared toward younger students. 

There's a newer version, Falak Tayyeb, with Yasir alSaggaf as host who speaks in Khaleeji dialect. This is closer to Modern Standard. He is quite animated and speaks rather fast, but I kinda enjoyed this clip as he got more and more exasperated. 🙃

There is also an older version from about a decade ago, Dayret alHayat, with Karim Kojak as host speaking in Egyptian dialect. He is more "Sajak-like" and I personally find the dialect endearing 🥰

Hope someone finds this helpful!

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