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Forum Log-In Changes: Effective August 1, 2022 ACTION Required

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In order to protect your privacy and security, we have to change the way you sign in to the Community Forums. If you want to know the backstory, keep reading. Effective August 1, 2022, you will need to sign in using your email address; user names will no longer work for signing in. 
What To Do: Before August 1, 2022, log off and then log in again with your email address and password. BEFORE you log off the forums, read the following bullet points.
  • Your WTM Account email and password are not the same as your Community Forum email and password. The two are not linked. Make sure that you’re using your FORUM email and password for everything that follows.
  • If you remember your email address and password, this shouldn't be a big deal. And may we say, Good Job.
  • If you remember your email address but not the password (please, do try to remember it!), send email to support@welltrainedmind.com and we will reset the password for you. Please include the words "Forum Password Reset" in your email.
  • If you do not remember which email address you used, while you are still signed on, go to the account button on the top right of the Forums screen. Click on the down-arrow by your "avatar", and you will see  "Account Settings." Click on that. Your email is listed there. If you can remember your password (please, do try to remember it!), you are good to go. If not, send email to support@welltrainedmind.com and we will reset the password for you. Please include the words "Forum Password Reset" in your email.
If Customer Service has to reset your password, it might take a day or two, depending on the number of requests. Please do your best to sign in using your email prior to August 1, 2022.
If you have general questions, post them on this topic/announcement in the Site News Forum.  
What NOT To Do: Don't set up another account. It's against board policy and you will not have access to your old posts. Work with us to resolve any problems with your existing account. 
Why do we have to do this? What's the backstory?
To preserve your privacy and network security. This is the notice we got from the software developer, who is looking out for everyone's best interests.

Display name logins are enabled

Allowing users to log in with a display name can represent a security weakness for your community because display names are public information and malicious users may attempt to login to multiple accounts with common passwords until they find an account for which the passwords work. It is recommended that you only allow users to log in with their email address.

Whose fault is this?
It's not our fault. It's not your fault (well maybe, indirectly, if you are one who uses "1234" as a password). It's not the fault of the software developers. It's the fault of people who can't keep their noses out of other people's business. 
Will this have any impact on my WTM Account?
No. We separated the two accounts in December 2020. You can still access the digital products in your account, and you can still buy curriculum and other books from the Well-Trained Mind Press website.  
Why do I have to have a password on a discussion forum?
So no one can pose as you and make posts in your name that could be embarrassing, or worse. 
Any suggestions on how to create a good password?
Use the search string "how to create a good password" in your search engine of choice. You'll find lots of good suggestions, and probably one that you will like better than the others. For the record, we can all agree that it would be so wonderful not to have to deal with passwords. Alas.
Additional Q&As will be answered in the Site News Forum posting, as the questions arise and are answered.  
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