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Introducing English to 3 years old first time


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Are you in an English speaking country? Best general recommendation is for him to interact with other kids that speak English -- take him to playgrounds, gyms, playdates, etc. If you are in Korea, this is going to be more difficult. If you allow him to watch videos, then replace some of them with English language ones. Ones with actual people are better than cartoons -- helps him see mouth movements and so on. There are a lot of "children having fun" videos on youtube, and kids usually like these. When you read to him, make sure you pick one or two English books. Start having days where you try to speak nothing but English to him.

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I grew up in a South Asian country and English is not my first language. I grew up at a time where there was very little television programming. I was taught using books and songs, especially nursery rhymes and just immersion. 

My case is similar to your kids but it was our mother tongue. When I introduce a language to my kids, my goal is first for them to understand the language even if they do not respond. I speak to them in the language they are most familiar with and use words in the language I want them to learn by using an occasional word in the language. For your son I would use, let us put on our shoes by saying the majority in Korean and use shoe in English and pointing to it so he understands most of it and the brain can learn the rest.

First understanding, then speech is the goal and it works for us. We intersperse words in both languages liberally so it not seen as odd. It does not affect the proficiency in the language they know.

I was taught 3 languages in school around the age your son is and absorbed them very quickly. He is at the right age to do so.

Good luck !

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