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Cool Math Guy - Statistics

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Has anyone used Cool Math Guy's courses, but in particular Statistics? I am looking for a Stats class for my son as our DE plans had a big hiccup this year. I hate being in scrambling mode when he usually has started his courses by now. 


Any reviews on Cool Math Guy's courses overall are appreciated as well. I would like to know how their tutoring is and what it consists of, since I will not be able to help him out a lot with this subject. Thank in advance.

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Do they do tutoring? I looked at them and it looked like it was video only. I can use a video program as the text, but when my kids need support, they need humans. I found this line in the FAQ particularly eye-rolling: "Video instruction is just as likely as a tutor to make a difference for students and it is much less expensive."

Like, come on. Video instruction can be excellent and works for a lot of students, but no it's not just as likely to help a kid as a tutor. And trying to feed me that line just makes me trust you less.



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