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Alfie Kohn article on ABA

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Since we haven't had any hot debates lately, I thought people might like to explore this https://www.alfiekohn.org/blogs/autism/  

And for anyone who doesn't know, I'll say that we did big umbrella ABA that was very responsive but still had some downsides. I think there's going to be validity to some of the arguments in this article, and it's Interoception that is the big piece that allows you to say there could be a different way. Self awareness leads to SELF control instead of others control. I have zero fault for someone doing something pragmatic, and goodness knows we've btdt. But self awareness, self regulation, self advocacy, that's where it's always at.

And I think it's timely, because we've made a lot of progress and are going to be doing a reboot and getting back in the swing of things and there will be this question, how do we step up our work in a way that is focused on SELF regulation, not external regulation, SELF telling what to do, etc. It's a big goal here for the year I think, because it seems like it could be ds' next step. I think he could get to a place where he chooses to work his plan, and then there's what that looks like. It probably looks like teeny tiny baby steps, lol.

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