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I am seeking ELA curriculum that is based in strong, classic literature. Bonus if it has writing instruction, not just assignments. We are looking at Lightning Lit 7.

As posted by @blue plaid in an older comment, some have been disappointed with Lightning Lit 7 for various reasons & have swapped to a stronger curriculum. We are new to homeschooling but plan to continue as we have  loved it! That being said, we need some helpful feedback on curriculum choices.

Can you please offer some guidance by comparing Lightning Lit to other curriculums? Strengths / Weaknesses? Preferences & why?

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Welcome @ddbug! I see by your post count that you are new. 😄 

You may wish to post this in either of these main forums:
K-8 Curriculum Board 
Logic and Middle Grade Challenges Board
- General Education Discussion Board

Right now, you have posted this question in the K-8 Writing Workshop sub-forum, which gets very few views or comments because it is specifically designed for people to post examples of their students' writing in order to ask for feedback on the students' writing. 😉 

I have used LL7 and LL8 and would be happy to provide feedback for you, if you could re-post on your choice of one of those other forums.
Warmest regards, Lori D.

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