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It is stressful to sit down and read this board

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Is there any way to get more posts per page? I feel like I'm totally lost now. I loved sitting down and just seeing all the funny things going on in people's lives, but now to do so I have to do a billion clicks and I suddenly feel completely out of the loop. I've been having a trying week! Is it possible the boards could split into smaller boards?

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If you go to the blue toolbar on the very right you'll see "Display Modes." If you click that you can switch the main post headings to a threaded mode, which is similar to the old WTM board. That isn't exactly the same, and it's not as easy to scan the board as it used to be, but at least that will keep you from opening page after page to read the whole thread.


I agree with you... this is either going to add some serious time to my visit here or throw me out completely. I will undoubtedly miss some good discussions because I don't see them.

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Hi frogpond,


Go to your User Control Panel. Click on "Edit Options" under "Settings and Options", which is located on the left side. Scroll down until you see "Thread Display Options".

There, you will see an option to select "Number of Posts per Page". You can choose to see up to 40 posts per page. :)

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