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Problem Solving Skills (Word Problems)

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I have a 6th grader and a 4th grader. They are both using MUS after multiple curriculum switches to find one that my oldest meshed with. I know, I know. Should have stuck with Singapore a long time ago. I’m not sure if I could even jump in there at all at this point, but I am desiring to work on their problem solving skills. I’m not sure I would want to switch them now back to Singapore. My youngest might could. What could I use to help work on problem solving skills alongside MUS? Or is MUS not enough? My oldest seems to have hit a sweet spot lately. She’s flying through. We did a quick run through Epsilon and she plans to try to finish Zeta over the summer. Thoughts?

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The Singapore Process Skills books explicitly teach problem solving using bar models.

Hands on Equations is also good.  My kids start with the apps to learn the method, and then work through the Verbal Problems book which, IMO, is the most valuable part of the program and really helps them learn to tackle complex problems.

James Tanton is great.  Running through his (free) Exploding Dots is well worth it in my mind.  It will seem WAY too easy to start with, but it ramps up quickly once he has built a strong foundation.  Also, I haven't used it yet, but he has a Middle School Mathematics series on Edfinity that I am going to use with my son, and the first course is 8 Tips to Conquer Any Problem.

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