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looking for TV/streaming & internet options


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Our internet provider has just started charging us for every GB of data we use so we are trying to see what options we might have apart from that.  Right now we are getting internet, cable and phone from this company.  We also use Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.  The main reason we have cable is so my husband and son can watch Michigan Sports (we live in a different state), so my husband can watch certain news programs and so we can get local channels for news and weather.   We have already adjusted our resolution on our streaming but we are still spending more money than when they offered the unlimited plan.  

One thing I heard about, but know very little about is something called sim net wireless which is supposed to be internet using cell towers.  Does anybody here know anything about this? Is it reliable? Is it strong enough to stream and use the computer at the same time?  (we live in a rural area, but get decent cell reception depending on the tower you use...and supposedly this service will use whichever of the 3 main cell tower is the strongest)  

We are talking about doing that (if it would work) and then doing something like Hulu Live, You Tube TV or Direct TV instead of cable.  But, again...I don't know enough about any of those and would some some opinions. 

One of the features I like about regular Hulu is that I dont' have to set up a DVR to find my favorite shows....I just can find them....does Hulu Live (or the other ones ) work like that...or not? 

Thank you for your help!


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