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Chemistry at a second co-op or do PAC online?

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Hi everyone,

My daughter is taking all of her classes at the one co-op which we are more involved in (all certified PS teachers, good codes of conduct, she is happy there etc.) she is taking two classes Tues and Weds and classes all day Thursday kind of like a regular school day 9-3pm.  She also is back into swimming now and swims 5 days per week 7-8 pm.  

Problem is, she needs a chemistry class.  It's ok if it doesn't have a lab but I would prefer it.  She already completed two Lab Sciences.

We have narrowed it down to two options. 

She could do PAC Online Integrated Physics and Chemistry. She did well with their Biology last year and finished with a high B and really learned a lot and felt the presentation was right for her.

Option two:  Take Apologia Chemistry at another co-op on Fridays.  The teacher is awesome, a highly respected kind, and fair mom of 6 kids.  The location is a good 25 minute drive each way.  

So option 1:

Do PAC at home, have Monday and Friday to not go anywhere, and get work done.  (Keep in mind she also has absolutely no weekend plans so she can easily get stuff done on weekends)

Option 2:

Go to second co-op, Have to drive over there Friday around noon and come back by 3pm to take this chemistry class.  The second co-op has different holiday and breaks, start and end times. 


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Is her swim team one that involves travel and weekend competitions? I learned the hard way last year (doing a 7 hour drive after a competition ended so DD could be back to take a test Monday morning) not to schedule outside of the house stuff on Monday or Friday during DD’s active cheer competition season. Online classes are far more portable. 

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If you want high school level chemistry, PAC IPC probably isn't what you want. It's really physical science - some conceptual chem and physics. What other sciences has she had already? You mentioned two lab sciences completed.

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dmmetler- good question.  She will attend a few meets, but only local ones. Of course meets are always very long and consuming, and require an early morning but she is not overly competitive with swimming ...so I don't think there will be too many weekends really consumed by swimming. 

Taryn- darn, I didn't realize that. She did Physical Science with Lab and Biology with Lab.  She did well with Apologia which is what the co-op uses.  She also did well with PAC... just two different curricula and situations.  Taking IPC from PAC would be more like getting a Science done just so she has a third year of Science before dropping it senior year.  However doing Chemistry would be the full experience and definitely look better on her college apps...though as a future English major applying to the easier to get into colleges, I'm not sure it really matters that much.

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