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X-Post: College dd needs research participants (misophonia, CAPD, ASD, etc)

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I'm hoping several of you would be willing to help out.  My dd, a junior in college, is involved with a start-up company. Her team has gone before the entrepreneur center to "pitch" their initial plans and won a small grant.  The next step is to further develop their ideas (more research, building prototype, etc). They will re-present in a couple of months for more grant money. The backers are very interested and encouraging with what they have done so far. 

I can't say what their innovation is, but if you (or anyone you know) has Misophonia, CAPD, ASD, or any other issues where sounds and/or background noise affect you in a negative way, she would love to talk to you via email (and possibly telephone). 

Please email her if you are interested with the disorder you are familiar with in the subject line.

Eta: I decided to delete her contact info now that time has passed. Thank you to those who participated!  They ended up with more responses than expected.  Feel free to PM me for her contact info.  I just wanted to delete from public view.

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