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S/O math Ted talk- curriculum recommendation

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I liked what was said in that math Ted talk. We used Miquon math for 1st through 3rd which I think is right along what she is talking about. For 4th she went to PS, then this year we are using R&S to just shore up any holes. So going forward, how do I get back on track with  more discovery/problem solving math in the middle school grades?

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19 minutes ago, HeighHo said:

Art of Problem Solving, SM, contest math, Ed Zaccaro

Yes, those.

Plus, Beast Academy (which is the precursor to the AOPS books).  Even though it is listed as grades 2-5, those upper level books would still offer a great challenge to a middle schooler.

Hands on Equations, especially the word problem book.
Patty Paper Geometry.
When she has the necessary math, the MEP real life Topical Applications are interesting.
The University of Waterloo Math Circle activities.  Plus they offer a problem of the week at various levels.
Not really a curriculum, but Vi Hart's YouTube videos really look at math in interesting, challenging ways.

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