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Is Georgia Public Broadcasting's Physics enough?? - edited post

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Hi there,

I appreciate this board and all the wisdom I have gleaned over the years. Without it, I would never have known about the following resources we plan on using and I am feeling more peace about doing science at home because of it... so thank you! 

Here's my question... I am wondering if Georgia Public Broadcasting's Physics in Motion is enough on its own for a conceptual physics. I have the teacher's toolkit for the GPS Physics which includes additional worksheets, vocabulary, labs, etc. Here's a link: http://www.gpb.org/physics-in-motion  I also have Hewitt's Conceptual Physics textbook. Would it be sufficient to do GPB Physics as our "spine" and then add in Hewitt where needed? Or should I flip it and use Hewitt's Conceptual Physics and then add in GPB Physics where needed? 

I appreciate any thoughts you might have, as I am not familiar enough with what he should be learning in a conceptual physics class to determine what would be sufficient. And if this helps... My hope is that after physics he will do something similar with GPS Chemistry and Conceptual Chemistry.  He would then do biology and take more advanced chemistry and/or physics at the local CC his senior year. And I am hoping all this complies with the NCAA's requirements, which is the path he is heading down.

Thank you!!  


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Yes. We did it as a physics first course. We didn't care for Hewitt so I picked up a high school text from Half-Price books and did do some of the problems from it. The GPB is not strictly a conceptional course. It does have some math, including a little trig, but it is explained as it is used.

I don't know anything about NCAA requirements, so I can't help you there. We did our own home-grown labs. If I had it to do again, I would have gotten a kit. There are a number of labs in videos.

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