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HBCU fair today

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Dd and I went to an HBCU fair today. She’d noticed it advertised on her campus. And I have to say, I came put thinking that more kids might want to check out the HBCU options. 

First, the obvious question-DD is about as WASP as you can get-she’s mostly descended by farmers who came to settle the central USA from Europe in the late 19th/early 20th century. And honestly, it didn’t matter. Everyone seemed very interested in what DD wanted and needed in a school, took her interests seriously, and, if they weren’t necessarily the best fit, suggested who she should talk to. Most schools looked at transcripts and test scores on site, were able to tell students if they were a good candidate for acceptance (and some were able to accept on site for juniors and seniors), and give an estimate of scholarships on site. Again, if a student might not qualify for merit aid at school A, they’d often suggest that the student also talk to school B that might be able to offer a larger package. Many recruiters suggested third party scholarships as well.  And basically, no matter what you want in a college, there is probably a school that is a good fit, from small LAC’s and religious colleges to large universities, from schools founded as trade schools that still require every student to work while attending and have near 100% placement in jobs immediately following graduation to schools founded to provide classical education that send most of their graduates to graduate and professional school, to schools that are extremely high rated in almost any field you could name. But I didn’t get any feeling like the student had to prove that they were good enough for the school. Rather, it felt like each school truly wanted the best for each student, whether or not that was them. And the response to DD’s non-standard educational program was very, very positive. 

It was nice-and a great antidote to feeling like you have to be perfect to get into a good college or else you’re doomed (which DD has verbalized). 


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