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Dining room light question

Annie G

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I’m reading that dining room lights should hang 30-34 inches above the table in a room with an 8 foot ceiling and 3 inches higher in a room with a 9 foot ceiling.  Our current light is much higher than that and we’re trying to figure out whether we want to go by guidelines in the new house or hang  much higher like our current house. 

The dining room there has 9 foot ceilings and 37 inches over the table would mean that when people are just milling around in the dining room that the light would block them from being able to see each other.   So do you guys have your light hanging that low over the table?  I really don’t care about ‘rules’ but I wonder if I’m missing a reason to have it that low. Ambiance? We mostly have family and close friends over so ambiance isn’t really high on our list. We’re pretty casual people. 



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Our dining room has 10' ceilings and the light is 36" above the table. It's a pewter chandelier and looks just right at that height.We read at the table and I think if the light were any higher, it might not be bright enough. We're all tall and do occasionally bonk our heads into the chandelier while we're clearing the table, but it's no big deal.?

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